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    Hey everyone, I've been reading up on addiction and there are a few common themes (1) addictions are an attempt to soothe pain (2) addictions are seductive before we commit them but destructive (i.e. they make us feel weak/hypocritical) after we commit them (3) they are irrational (we know we shouldn't do it, yet we still do).

    I would like to suggest a game that we play. I'm motivated by competition, in fact gaming excessively (at the expense of work/study) is one of my many flaws. Instead of the usual check in accountability partner, would anyone be interested in making it a competition, it would work like this.

    Day 1: Tell eachother our day counts
    Day 2: Don't talk at all, but work on the assumption that the partner has not relapsed
    Day 3: Tell eachother our day counts
    Day 4: Don't talk
    Day 5: Don't talk
    Day 6: Tell eachother our day counts
    Day 7: Don't talk
    Day 8: Don't talk
    Day 9: Don't talk
    And so on, the periods without talking getting progressively longer.

    The idea is that you feel that you need to hold out until the next time you talk to your AP and that you wouldn't want to disappoint them. In addition the periods when you don't talk get progressively longer so you are not reliant on your AP, because I feel like this could be addictive behaviour (needing others to approve/sanction/support you).

    Anyway, let me know what you think.
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    Hey I'm in for this
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    Let's begin then

    Day 3

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