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  1. Day 3 from group start
    Still clean :)

    We need to organize ourselves and decide where we are going to communicate. For me the most convenient way is writing here, but I'm not sure if it is allowed. However, our discussion can be useful for others after we finish our reboot :) I wait for your opinions, guys.

    Being busy is a really good thing, because you don't need to focus on avoiding PMO and additionally you spend time in valuable way.

    I prefer gym :) Mostly because I see positive effects on my body and mind as well. But sometimes I feel anxious on the gym and can't focus on exercising. For a lot of people gym can be a trap due to a lot of barely clothed girls.

    I had a few wet dreams during the reboot and it was strange, because I have no such thing as a teenager. I think it is nothing to be worry about.
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  2. Ironman18

    Ironman18 Fapstronaut

    Hey dude ,,, i dont think we can avoid members participating here ,,, its better we form a closed group kinda things.....

    Well about myself am a guy of 23 from India ,,, almost with 10 years of fapping and want to stop ,,,,i ended up here ,,i was able to find somebody to support me mentally for nofap ,,,, after a course of time all gave up and i too had a pause for nofap ,,, came back now to refrain myself from the demon in me.... starting the streak from tomorrow....
  3. Reality_Dissolved97

    Reality_Dissolved97 Fapstronaut

    I'm currently on 3 days which isn't much but it's a lot better than being on day 0 for me.

    Has anyone got any tips that would help with nofap? I personally find that just limiting time spent on devices overall is always beneficial

    Also will we communicate via this thread or should we form a chat group?
  4. Start streak from today! If you had a long story of struggling with PMO you can find useful Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking from my signature.

    I recommend you to don't use social media and avoid meme pages (like 9gag etc) because of triggering content and distraction. Meditation and reading is really good, but being busy all the time is the best choice.

    To all: how can we create group private conversation here?
  5. Day 4
    Of course clean, I don't need PMO in my life anymore. How about you, guys?
  6. Sry, don't know how tondo that, too...

    May you write to the NoFap theam?

    Beating day 3 now..
    My second night includes less sleep and more rocky hard dicks, with wanted to be wanked, I could count..
    Was pretty hard, to hold on and not to relapse...

    Any hints?
  7. Ironman18

    Ironman18 Fapstronaut

    In my early days of Nofap i used to have this prob,,, what i followed is

    1.changing my workout time to late evening so that it can make oneself tired

    2. Having a cold shower one hour before sleep

    3. Light meal dinner ,,, i.e half hungry,,,

    These things helped myself deviate my mind from PMO,,, and since the body was exhausted it let me have a good sleep ....

    Day 1 went on well , had some urges by the evening but managed to overcome it with household works....
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  8. Thanks a lot for those very good hints.
    Will testing them today night.

    To my day:
    -Every morning the same: morning wood and urges, also I ran in the morning
    -Also doing running in the afternoon, because it was very boring and with that came the porns in my mind.

    Running and my whil keep me from relapsing.
  9. Day Infinite

    Day Infinite New Fapstronaut

    Keep your running habits, it's very good for you health and to counter urges.

    For me, I relapsed yesterday, because I met my girlfriend, we had stayed in one room, yea and that happened. not exactly like watching porn, but still my goal is to restrain from any kind of orgasm.

    We usually meet once two weeks, because we are in different colleges. Next time, I'll try my utmost to keep away from this. And watch my mind and my urges.

    Today, I was so tired because of that, and took a three-hour nap, and sort of recovered a bit. I believe tomorrow will definitely be better
  10. Yes. Will do that :)

    Your able to handle that and go without PMO, I know that and you, too!
  11. Hello guys!

    Yesterday I started to watch porn and stuff. Fuck. But in the middle I realized that in fact I hate this shit and I stopped. I feel like I don't need and don't want it in my life. It has no value for me anymore. Therefore I decided not to count days without PM, because it is not any forbidden fruit or sacrifice. It is shit and I have strength to call it by it real name. Of course I don't want to discourage you from counting :) I read the book from my signature and I am really impressed how precisely it describes struggling with PMO and psychological effects connected with it. Strongly recommended!

    Ironman18, tryinghardmode23
    I'm not sure if exhausting yourself is the best way to do that, but of course discipline training and being busy is an excellent way to improve life and fight with PMO. I think PMO is usually coping mechanism, so you need to reconstruct your life and feelings as well to not left void after porn. A lot of people can't life without porn, because they are afraid they had nothing such interesting as porn in their life. I watch that stuff once at few weeks or something, but there were a times when I used this a few time a day. I think I am going in the right direction, but I need to change some stuff in my life, for instance contacts with friends :)

    Have a nice day!
  12. New day

    Hello guys, how's going?
  13. New day!

    Hello! Have a nice day!
  14. New day
    Hello, hope you feel well :)
  15. New, bright day :)

    Hello, guys :)
  16. Battled a week and won: 7days PMO free
  17. Sooo nice! Congratulations! Hope this streak will be lifelong :)

    New day
  18. Only for PM I hoping the same :D
  19. :)

    New day

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