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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by apimpnamedslickback, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. apimpnamedslickback

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    Hey just wanted to express my opinion about this new accountability calls thing. Honestly its kind of disappointing to me that nofap is choosing to capitalize on community. In a previous quit nicotine online accountability forum i was a part of there was never any fee or cost for anything,and through daily check ins, as well as texting or calling each other to check on their quit it worked,and was all free.

    This doesnt seem like a good direction to go in,plenty of actually decent sites started charging and pretty much ruined themselves, i know that the founder has a lawsuit and needs the funds but still. Hope im not alone on this one
  2. SirErnest

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    I see your point but I have also noticed that many are thankful for what they have gained here yet do not pay a thing. Websites require work and funding.
    The cynic in me is suspicious of payment but then I realise that this is the only place that has in any way addressed a sexual (and life) issue that I would like to improve upon.
    So, I don't do the accountability calls (don't feel the need) but I did donate.
  3. onceaking

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    To be fair other organisations charge for such things (like X3 Church). Also like everyone else they need to make money. It isn't for me so I won't be involved.

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