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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Roffelaar, Dec 9, 2021.

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    Hi guys

    Making an accountability group on whatsapp for males that are 25 years and older.
    I am looking for positive minded people who want to get rid of their addiction and start living a healthy and fullfilling lifestyle.

    My group would be ideal if:
    * 25-35 years old
    * All nationalities allowed
    * Positive mindset
    * Willingness to succeed
    * Encouragement of others
    * Size around 10-20 people

    -We will discuss together of daily challenge we can follow to top up on the nofap streak and better ourselves in different aspects as well.

    -Also, we can talk about anything we like as long as it does not trigger anything or disrespects another person.

    -If you don't respond within 2 weeks you will be deleted.

    - Let's fight this shit :)

    About myself:
    27 year old guy from the Netherlands. Been doing Nofap for a while now and having reached multiple long streaks of which a few over 60 days and one over 90 days.
    My goal now is to reach 90 days again of not watching porn and masturbating myself.

    Send me a pvt message with a few details about yourself and your phone number and I can add you :)
  2. Roffelaar

    Roffelaar Fapstronaut

    Still open for new people if anyone is interested :)
    Just made a new group for all the people who struggle with this on their own. We will together make sure nobody gets left out and everybody is respected.

    Just send me a msg with some information about yourself. Your age, where you're from, why you started nofap and what you can bring to the group (for example some motivation, positive mindset, maybe you have some knowledge or have experienced something that might help someone else)

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