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  1. @Instantiation hang in there. I know it's easier said than done but maybe for all of us whenever urges strike we should really try to get on here and post seeking help. I'm on here quite often.

    @blahblah2930 congrats on almost 30 days! That's a great job. And as for the alone part...don't feel bad. I'm literally alone every single day for several hours. It makes it much tougher but you aren't alone in that struggle. Feel free to reach out to me if you ever feel lonely and need someone to talk to!
  2. Yah ..sure friend ..welcome :) pmo has to go!
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  3. Ok friend ..welcome onboard . We want to be best version of ourself !
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  4. Paf-On

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    Can"t wait to get the trophy ..hahaha...
    Still looong journey ..
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  5. We will get there eventually :) im sure . Hang on!
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  6. Just checking in on day 15. Had a very nice and busy weekend with friends. I realize weekends are real vulnerable & I must keep them busy without an idle moment. Had a bit of a tantrum towards a friend of mine about something really trivial in front of a stranger and was embarrassed. I think the pmo definitely messes with my emotions. I can be completely up one minute and feel like Im going to jump in front of a bus the next. The key is to ride out the surges of either good or bad energy. Because it always levels up.
  7. Angga

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    Day #19
    I am so grateful for this achievement!
    Sometimes i watch the video of NoFap on Youtube, about someone whose struggle to leave the addiction behind, just like me. Remind me of my NoFap journey, and strengthen my commitment. Its important for me to frequently remember why do i start the journey.
    We can leave the addiction behind!
  8. colio

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    Checking in. The weekend is behind me, which was a real challenge this week. I'm definitely in a white knuckle phase currently. Thank you @Damomad and @StraightEdge3616 for helping me through. It is objectively fascinating the lies our own minds will tell us to get us to start surfing, and heading toward the rocks. Subjectively, not so fascinating - a true pain in the ass. I had to stay a few steps ahead of myself this weekend. I cut out doing my own work early so as to get away from the computer. Even though I was down with a cold, I journeyed over to the gym to essentially take up space on some nautilus equipment if only to move a bit, and switch up the surroundings. And wrote and read here. That last one helped the most.
    Though I know, and will defend over and over again, that the real struggle, and success, is starting again, still, I really want to get to 90 at least. But, for now, I just want to get through today. I'll let 90 take care of itself.

    I hope you're all great. Power and strength and praise to each of you.
  9. Sorry about the embarrassing moment but I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I'll snap at my wife out of nowhere after PMO and in my head I'm wondering where that came from....because it isn't like me? I hate it.

    Starting Day 3 here. Been a member on these forums for over 3 years now. Longest streak was 62 days back in October 2016 and like 31 days in August 2017. Would love to get back to those level streaks.
  10. Congrats on 19 days! That's a great accomplishment....keep it going! We are here to support you :)
  11. Great post and awesome work staying strong. You can do this! Good job powering through.
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    Day 2. Made it thru day 0 and day 1. I am def commited to reach at least 30 days this time. And to break my past streak of 11 days.
  13. blahblah2930

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    Thanks @StraightEdge3616 for the offer. I should have taken you up on it but it was too late by the time I got back on the forum. Unfortunately had a relapse last night (first night alone in a while since wife was on a business trip). I'll have to plan better next time. Sorry everyone - feel like I let everyone down.

    This time, I'm going to log about my journey in a journal and post as often as possible. I find that when I spend more time on here, my mind stays away from PM.

    Here's day 1 of 90!
  14. Hang in there, you can still do it as you know. Don't beat yourself up to bad and feel free to reach out to me if you ever need help. I know it's easier said than done though.
  15. Raging Wife

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    Day 16 P-free for my husband. He is doing great. We have both signed up for path and bloom and have watched videos together and alone. We are starting to connect on a different level also which is so nice.
    Well done to everyone still going strong!
  16. Congrats! Are you or your husband in this AP group? Sorry not sure your story since I'm new to the group.
  17. Raging Wife

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    I'm in the group for now, checking in for my husband. He will eventually create his own account on here, he is looking at forums and a few times thought about replying to certain posts so he will be here soon I'd say because he likes to get his opinions across. We both said when all this is beaten we are both going to campaign against porn! Never want any our kids, family or friends to go through this.
  18. fredisthebes

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    Sadly, I'm back to 0 again. Being home ill, bedridden and feeling sorry for myself is not the best way to keep 'sober'. I'm completely responsible though and I don't mean to make excuses.
  19. @Raging Wife that makes sense! Glad to have you both around. If I can help in anyway, feel free to reach out to me!

    @fredisthebes so sorry to hear about the relapse. But hang in there and get back up. You can do this, today is a new day.

    Start of Day 4 here for me.
  20. blahblah2930

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    Day 1 yesterday started off terrible. I always find that the day after a relapse is the worst. I called in sick at work and spent the entire day watching movies. No P of course, but I needed the distraction.

    Today, I called in sick again but have a renewed sense of optimism. I completed day 1 successfully without PMO.

    I feel much better today. I started a journal on this forum.

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