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  1. ctr

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    Please count me in. Day 0.
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  2. zeusmx

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    My day 40 PM mode today, my brothers.

    I was yesterday in a virtual meeting with friends from the past. I felt the improvement interacting with them. Braver, more prone to talk and give my opinions. Not so anxious, not so childish.

    Really. Moving out from the compulsive M brings a lot of good things.
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  3. im’possible

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    Just checking, hope is a medicine for a soul that's sick and tired. Even in this quarantine time.
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  4. Arbiter007

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    Dude, you are awesome!! Your story is giving me a lot of hope! Thank you!

    Yeah, I remember even when I first started that I wasn't really able to get out a whole lot, but the feeling was that it still felt fairly good. I did kinda wonder for some time if something was wrong with me because I wasn't able to get out a whole lot of stuff. I also went through college and had the struggle the whole time. And I also was given the idea at some point (I think it was in college for me) that doing it often made my thing bigger. And of course that idea makes any guy think that is what he needs so that when he does win a girl that she will be very pleased with him. It certainly is something porn promotes heavily, but from what I have seen, most actual females like your confidence, purity, loyalty, boldness more than your genital size. Those things are more of a turn on for them (and your sense of fashion, clothing wise). A guy with a less than average size thingy mabobber can win a 10/10 girl with the right charisma. It's more about treating them like an actual person instead of just an object. Of course, I don't think any guys goal should have beauty as the top thing to want in a partner. That is something that can be secondary after some more important things like character, integrity, kindness.

    In my own beliefs, I saw huge breakthrough because of the confidence I gained by giving my life over to the Lord and going to a radical for Jesus church. This is something that is evident in a majority of my closest family members, not just saying this so that you convert. Because it is more than just a religion for me, it is an actual relationship with the Lord. I know this is a sensitive thing to talk about, but since it is actually what was the first thing to bring me to conviction over what I was doing as wrong it does have a major impact in regards to PMO use in my life. When I went 40 days PMO free because of inspiration of Biblical numerology I was able to see females actually getting strongly attracted to me heavily. I knew that going longer would increase this affect. That purity was a real thing.

    Please let me know if me bringing this up causes any offense or just seems like I am forcing my belief on anyone. That is certainly not my intention.
  5. Arbiter007

    Arbiter007 Fapstronaut

    Wow dude, you are doing amazing. I see 249 days in your counter. Do you have any advice or tips for those of us newbies in this group?
  6. im’possible

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    That counter says nothing but days of day one. Have a plan, take a systematical training and never forget the reason(s) you're doing what ya doing.
  7. welcome and good luck fella ! its good to start with a simple desire to quit ! it will happen soon when we want it really strong and continue the efforts every time !
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  8. check in monday
    i wasnt introduced to anything , but i was already having two O just not knowing what is happening , and why i feel so great ! by the age of 13 i already figure out everything , and im sure i was overdoing it having an O two or three times a day! by the age of 15 i was sure i want to stop , and im trying ever since ! its hard as nails for me to stop and i fail constantly ! its one of my lifetime goals to stop !
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  9. colio

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    Definitely big stories to write on the idea of having a systematic plan... I got to about Day 136 then was in free fall. I had aimed for a 90 day reboot, BUT that wasn't enough, and yet it's what I had my mind set to. I would put day after day away without spending too much time digging into deeper purposes.

    I think it's important just to get days free of PM on your belt, but, speaking personally, it won't keep the sails filled. At some point, I'll get tired and overwhelmed... for me it started when a therapist was asking me why I wasn't "allowed" to M. It started a train of questioning which isn't bad in itself, but that was resting on a new pattern of playing fast and loose with P-subs like bathing suit pics, that kind of nonsense.

    Anyway, one thing led to another and I was back to old habits.

    And, so... dusting myself off and relaunching. This idea of knowing why it is we want to do what we're doing seems so important. It's not just about getting past the shame. That's a part of it, but there really needs to be a different goal, too.

    Will write (far too much) more here soon. Happy to be back on the road. Big power to you all.
  10. im’possible

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    Checking. Hope never abandons you, so don't you ever.
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  11. checking in tuesday
    we dont want to waste out time , we want to create a new healthy habbit ! we want to remove the temprorary pleasure and replace it with constant meaning !
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  12. hey friend , you did great and you can do even better ! a log calendar smooth things in the start and give a glimpse on the big picture ! if you dont have - start one and see the diference for yourself :)
  13. Brahmacharya_UK

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    I managed to get a week under my belt, then I got ill from work with a stomach bug and ended up looking at videos just to change the way I feel. I have now PMO twice in 2 days. This CAN NOT and WILL NOT continue, I will now spend at least 30 minutes a day on this forum because I know this is where my recovery will lie.

    If you are reading this and want a recover / accountability partner then I am too in need of one. This disease always comes in clusters, after I have relapsed I am always more vulnerable because of being more down and depressed and using P as a quick fix for how I feel.

    I will re-commit myself now, more than ever, to regaining dominion and control over my base desires. I CAN'T BUT WE CAN.
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  14. Arbiter007

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    Checking in.

    I will be your accountability partner if you want to be partner with me.

    If you want to know more about me, check out my story:
    My Story

    Hopefully my story is of some encouragement.
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  15. Brahmacharya_UK

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    Thank you @Arbiter007, I sent a message on your story thread.
    First day on a new journey now. My main initial target is to gain back 1 week to 10 days make it to the end of next week without succumbing. Having PMO only yesterday, I feel now and the next few days that I am at my most vulnerable to the Chaser effect so I must keep my mind and my screen clear of anything that could draw me in because at this critical phase I will not have the strength to resist it.
    Then the most important thing is to keep coming onto here, helping people and treating every day like the first day of recovery.
  16. Arbiter007

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    That's a good approach. Treating every day like the first day of recovery. Even when things are super easy.
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  17. im’possible

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  18. Brahmacharya_UK

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    Check in Friday - I've spent all of today going through this massive workbook that this Care Agency want me to complete.
    Had I known that it was so big I would have started it earlier but I'm sure everyone appreciates how attractive procrastination is to us addicts.
    But I'm doing ok, working again over the weekend which will keep my mind occupied. Then doing some training with the Agency on Monday which I hope all goes well but it is to do with Moving and Handling and First Aid and all these things :|
    Gonna spend a little while on here and read some journals. @Brahmachari 17 @Brahmachari ladka just randomly @'ing you both because I follow Brahmacharya on Youtube and I like your usernames ;)
  19. Much Ado About Nutting

    Much Ado About Nutting Fapstronaut

    Is it possible to get in the accountability group? I'm almost 9 months no porn and recently I've decided to go monk mode... I'm setting a goal of 90 days retention which I've never done. I've decided to do all of this because during the covid virus lockdown I feel more at risk. I thought about watching porn for the first time in months so I've decided to get more serious and set this goal. Please let me know if it's okay to join
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  20. welcome friend ! stay strong and share your knowledge!we can be of help also i hope

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