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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by hrmn51230, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. Hey all,

    This is my next attempt at setting something like this up. It didn't seem to work last time as only three of the members ended up taking it seriously initially, and then I guess life got in the way of the weekly check-ins. All good though. I'm putting myself out there again, and will keep trying until I get this thing under control.

    A little about me:

    I'm in my early 30s, just graduated grad school, and have been struggling with pmo since early middle school. Since I discovered nofap I have had a handful of long streaks, none lasting more than 7 or 8 months. Most recently I made it to 6 months and then binged through winter. Went on a 130 streak of no pmo. Now I'm pmo-ing 3-4x/week. I know some people have a healthy or stable relationship with pmo, but I definitely do not, and no one in my life knows about it. I workout 3x/week, yoga or stretching almost every morning, multiple dog walks/day, 1-2 runs/week, read self-actualization books (think and grow, mastery, 7 habits, etc.) 2 hrs/week, and I just quit my full time job. I'm honestly as average as they come.

    Within the next week I will be incorporating a few subtle changes into my life - - working out or running 6x/week instead of every other day, disabling Qustodio since it helps but I know how to get around it, and making my morning routine a daily habit and not something I do if I can get around to it.

    I have some experience organizing groups, so thought I'd try to start one here. I tried a while ago, but only a few people ended up actively involved in the Kik group, and they didn't seem very interested. Only rules I can think of are regular/weekly/weekend check-ins, no judgment, maybe no political discussion, and an earnest desire to be done with pmo forever and to supplant it with higher goals and pursuits.

    I'm intending on utilizing this group to help each other reach our nofap goals, but also other healthy habits such as developing a regular meditation practice, fitness routine, nutrition regime, healthy relationships, academic success, professional growth, financial independence, etc. I believe though that fundamentally we must do away with this one bad habit first. Help me do that and I'll respond the same. I've always been too lenient on myself and so has everyone else. My discipline level is at a 1 right now, and starting tomorrow, I need it to be at 100.

    I won't be in charge of anything after the initial bringing everyone together. I'm very serious about this and will be checking in everyday for the next week or so. I'll shoot everyone a message on this forum about next steps. Send me a message on here or on Kik - - Herman 51230.

    I'm on day 1. Lets do this.
  2. Hello, Herman and all the others,

    I'm definitely interested.

    I've just wanted to create a group myself. There might be a little hurdle since I'm from Europe and I suppose you are from the US. But it's definitely solvable. However, if its a problem, please let me know and I'll try my luck elsewhere.

    I agree, that it would be really good to help each other with other important areas of life. But I don't think that P(MO) is the root of all problems and quitting P is the ultimate solution. Life is interconnected and connections are often unexpected. For example - quitting P may help you find a dream job. Or finding a dream job can help you to quit P.

    I feel that we can help each other and I hope others will join this group can become a reality.

    If some seasoned veteran could join our ranks, that would be great!
  3. Hey Jeník,

    Not a problem at all. You're more than welcome to join. We'll make our schedules work.

    You're right about the interconnectedness of life. The reason why I wrote that I/we must do away with this one bad habit first is because personally, my life is balanced in all other areas and there's not much else I would change or add. I'm getting the most out of everyday other than when I relapse.

    Congrats on your current streak.

    I'll check back in this weekend to see how you're doing and if anyone else has joined.
  4. AbrahamLincoln

    AbrahamLincoln Fapstronaut

    Hey Herman,

    I’m happy that you’ve decided to take such passionate steps toward realizing your goals. Your commitment is impressive and I would love to be a part of the process.

    I’m a 21 year old college student living in the Southeastern U.S. I realized a few years ago that porn had become an intrusive vice for me, and have since flirted with the idea of quitting. My longest streak one year ago was about 45 days, and I wasn’t actually trying to quit—it just worked out that way. Anyway, since then I’ve been on and off pmo and I think now is the perfect time to buckle down and commit to my goal of stopping completely.

    I’d like to join your group if you guys will have me.
  5. bened7000

    bened7000 Fapstronaut

    I'm 25 year old. If you still have a spot for one person, please count me in.
    I've just relapsed after almost 1 month of abstaining from PM. Similarly to Jenik I'm based in Europe (GMT+2), however I'm open to have calls during the night (even better).

    Please let me know, if I can join you

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