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    Hello I'm new here.
    I have done NoFap before though, and i started again about a month and a half ago.
    Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Male 24 years old.

    What Im really interested about this time, and that which motivates me most is not so much the NoFap per se, but the fact that I have found this to be at the core of most occultist teachings, as well as philosophies and religions. (I've been reading this kind of stuff for years) I have found that its quite an eye opener to read for example an alchemy text through the lens of NoFap. The same principle is applied in the famous book think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill.

    So, Im looking for a small accountability group, preferently based in Argentina and with people in their 20s. Looking for males only.
    Ideally accountability partners should be interested in occultism or some spiritual connection of not fapping (I myself am interested in the theory mostly, not really any practice). Also, this is for people who would want to apply the principle of the mastermind as laid out in Think and grow rich.
    I intend this to be an accountability group working like a small council of superheroes (Cumming our powers from semen retention, of course)


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