Accountability software for iPhones?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by LostHopeWife, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. LostHopeWife

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    Im the wife of a PA.
    I'm after an accountability software that could help stop my husband from relapsing even though I've come to a point where I'm exhausted of caring and trying to make him change.
    He has an iphone.

    Thanks for suggestions!
  2. SuperFan

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    PM'ing you.
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  3. Sleeperhead

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    You can get phones that don't have internet altogether, but given his job he probably needs internet for his phone. The thing is with these things is that if he is remotely computer literate there are usually workarounds like resetting the phone.
  4. James02

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    If he doesn't want to change, no filter will work. If he desires to change, I have several suggestions. First, two types of filters (one for the device, second for the network). Device wide filter would be 'Covenant Eyes'. Network wide filter would be 'OpenDNS'. SmartTV filters would be based on PIN# for each individual app. If done right, that could lock down the whole system well.

    For my personal phone, I use Norton App blocker, which doesn't allow me to access any app without a passcode that only my wife knows. So my android is mostly for e-mail, phone, text, etc... but no google/video access. It works well.

    Thoughts? Thanks!
  5. Butterfly1988

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    For IPhone you can go to settings>screen Time>Content and privacy restrictions.

    My SO has all adult websites blocked, plus we created a list of P and PSubs to add onto the restricted sites list too. This setting prevents the use of in private browser or deleting history.

    We also blocked apps that are 14+ and prevented him from deleting apps.

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