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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by NaturalPornKiller, Feb 20, 2021.

  1. NaturalPornKiller

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    I am seriously considering creating an accountability group via the Zoom platform/video conferencing format. Still considering the mechanics of how it would work exactly, but I think it would be a unique means of sharing accountability. Of course it'd be limited to a small or moderately sized group with a focus on more intimate interaction between APs.

    It could be a great means to further connect with other APs due to the addition of audio and video participation, although it would not necessarily be required for those who are Uncomfortable with the idea of revealing their "nonline" identity.

    The specifics are not concrete yet, but I did want to cast a line out there in case others might be interested. I have already considered the basics so it would only take a few tweaks to get it up and running.

    Alright people, gimme some feedback and lemme know whatcha think!
  2. AllenJT

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    This seems like a really great concept, let me know of any further details if you can.
  3. AFE123

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    Sorry for bumping, but it sounds interesting!
  4. mdan05

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    Like the idea! Are you modeling it around SAA?
  5. ndaty

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    would like it to be regular, being accountable everyday at an exact time..
  6. Tehe123

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    Great idea, let me know if you get it started!
  7. NaturalPornKiller

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    Okay. It looks like a few of us are down. I guess we can give it a shot...

    I've attended a few SAA meetings, mainly teleconference calls and a couple Zoom calls as well. As far as the basic group meeting/call format that is along the lines of what I have in mind. Loosely of course; it wouldn't retain any of the elements associated with SAA. Aside from recovery being the focus, the semblance ends there. I'm not extremely proficient as a zoom user/host but I've done some research in the matter and I think I have a general grasp on the rudiments.

    My intention is for this to be a collaborative effort, so any suggestions/ideas are most definitely encouraged. I think it's good to begin working on this together so we can build something of true value from the get go. Ultimately the goal is to connect with others in a more personal manner. I feel that a significant factor in facilitating a change is the social aspect behind the accountability concept especially as a group. I imagine the camaraderie plays a large role in that and I'd hope we can encourage one another in more ways than the seemingly obvious. As long as each member is serious about maintaining some form of accountability then no matter what stage we are at individually we can still be a great asset to one another. I don't want it to be restrictrd by any other criteria than the desire to excel beyond the confines of that lonely and desperate lifestyle we are all too familiar with. Anyways I'm just running on at the moment.

    Please pardon me as I dip out, but let's get this thing off the ground. I am going to tinker with this zoom platform a bit more and see if I can scrape together a basic "trial run" that we can test out and just build on from there.

    Anyone interested can PM and we can hash out any further details in that manner. Thank you for considering this proposition and hopefully we can make it happen.
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