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Acne is ruining my love life.

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Riot02, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. Riot02

    Riot02 Fapstronaut

    Hi everyone how r u doing today?

    In the past I talked about the affects from acne from different causes, but my main cause is from pornography. If I don't know than yes porn actually causes acne. And no this doesn't happen to everyone it just happens to people with more prolactin or bigger hormones. Like I said I talked about the science behind acne and porn on nofap but let me tell u a story on my relationship status during the years.

    So when I started having severe acne I had no chance with a woman at that time. To be honest I had social issues because of the fact I might scare people with my acne. My acne reduced a year and half later and just past two years I have no acne of my face, neck, back and chest. But sadly I bad scars (mostly on my face) it was so annoying. I tried creams, tablets etc to make the scars go away faster but the only option for me is to reboot. The thing Is my longest streak is 30 days and that was a couple of months ago, I relaped last night unfortunately. So I might have to wait months to get my face cleared.

    Just after two years and when I just had the scars I was actually in 2 relationships. Now I'm single but I really like someone, I mean do I have a chance with her if I didn't have any scars on face yes but do I have a chance with her when I the scars on my face no. We're just friends but I'm afraid to ask her out l. The truth is I freak girls out when they see my acne and scars.
  2. Just Rose

    Just Rose Distinguished Fapstronaut

    As a girl that knows a looot of ways to get rid of scars and acne, and about skin care in general, I recommend you to:
    -Wash your face twice a day, with a neutral soap, when you wake up and before you sleep. Also, use a slightly scouring sponge so you exfoliate your skin slightly. That cleans contamination, opens skin pores and promotes new skin generation and, in consequence, the erase of scars.
    -Use skin masks like peel-off or clay. Your skin will be healthier and girls will love a sensible, self-caring guy with no fear of stereotypes.
    -Use a hydrating cream and when you use it, do a little massage all over your face. This is good both to relax and to improve blood circulation in your face, which will help in generating new skin too. Watch out it is not too greasy, you can ask the creams girl for a cream for acne-prone skins.
    -Try not to stress, organize your time so you don't feel overwhelmed because that can cause acne too.
    -Continue to reboot, in my 90 days and with greasy skin I can say I only have 1 scar, 0 acne and black dots restricted to my nose.
    Acne can be a consequence of bad hygiene, hormone imbalance, stress and too much dryness in your skin, which your body tries to compensate by generating overdoses of grease. So, just take care of these points and your skin will be better. It will take time and from time to time you might have a little acne.
    As extra tips, work on your hair, outfit, and conversation so that girls don't focus that much in your skin.
    Good luck :)
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  3. Marvelgurl23

    Marvelgurl23 Fapstronaut

    I think I have just the right enough expertise to help you on this one as I just recently got into skincare and have done so much of my own research:
    OK, so your main concern may just be your acne scars but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have a skincare routine (there's a specific order to these things, please read this!) Practice these steps on a daily basis for a couple of days at least two times a day(morning and night) and your skin will recover.
    1) Use a cleanser~if you have oily type skin or combo (dry+oily) you need to cleanse your face with a good cleanser to get rid of all the dirt and oils at the beginning and end of your day. I like to use the neutrogena hydra-boost facial cleanser
    2) Toner: toner helps shrink the pores and cleanse the skin, usually spray onto your face just to dampen it before putting the rest of your products on. I like to use Le mieux's isocell toner.
    3) Eye treatments/Eye cream: apply with your ring finger along your orbital bone very gently to reduce undereye circles and puffiness. ex: kiehls' avacado eye cream
    4) Serums: this is basically like a moisturizer, but an extra step just to keep your skin extra hydrated
    5) Moisturizer: You have to moisturize to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day, invest in a good moisturizer even if it might be expensive but make sure it has all the ingredients you need for your skintype (Drunk elephant's protini polypeptide cream is perfect)
    6) Sunscreen: This is the MOST important step! The reason we age so quickly is because of sun damage so apply sunscreen as your last step only in the morning before you head out to protect from premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles, and scars.
    In the nighttime, repeat all the steps except for sunscreen and use 1-2 drops of face oil on your skin and pat into the face for glowy skin when you wake up.
    Extra tips: Drink LOTS of water, eat healthy foods, excercise, avoid the sun, dry your face with a cotton T-shirt or microfiber towel, and finally get good sleep.
  4. Muphy

    Muphy Fapstronaut

    I had this acne problem from last 10 years.
    I had visited multiple doctors.. both allopathic and homeopathic.. but after some time it all went to same state.

    Recently I visited a doc and she gave me some antibiotics and after a week they made my condition worse. but finally I got the solution.

    Just 3 things you need to do.

    1. Stop consuming all dairy products (specially milk and ice-cream). Curd/yougurt is good for skin though.
    2. Drink more water everyday.
    3. Wash face twice a day and apply some cream/sunscreen (depending on your skin type).

    Your calcium intake will reduce so take some calcium and zinc supplements.
  5. RamboErecto

    RamboErecto Fapstronaut

    You are young
    if you have acne, you are like super young

    can you wait time to pass and the future bring things to you?

    best regards
  6. moongod

    moongod Fapstronaut

    i used banana peels and my skin felt so smooth maybe try those?
  7. MindfulWarrior

    MindfulWarrior Fapstronaut

    I agree with the first two points, also cutting out sugar would help, but I think you would gain much more from not washing your face at all (only water), you'll find out that washing your skin makes it super dry when you start enjoying the natural hydration your skin creates for itself. Washing kills off ALL bacteria, even the ones that protect you, your skin is a barrier and a protector, if you wash it with soap, you weaken it. You also create dry skin and then need to put toxic creams on it, I know it may sound disgusting but 99.9% of your ancestors did just fine. I use soap on my face only occasionally and I don't wonder anymore why my skin was always dry before. If your skin is overly greasy it's because your body is overcompensating for the dryness washing creates as well. Now my skin is always glowing and properly hydrated.
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  8. g2stop

    g2stop Fapstronaut

    Nofap cleared up my skin from acne
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  9. I wonder if there has been any studies done on porn addiction/PMO addiction and acne. That would be interesting. Drug addicts and alcoholics suffer from horrible skin problems.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t any studies done on if porn can cause acne. North America seems to want to be in denial about porn addiction/PMO addiction or something.
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  10. SuperBaowi

    SuperBaowi Fapstronaut

    Look for dermatologist who will give you Isotretinoin a k.a Roaccutane. This is the only thing that helped me and it did a very good job. After that my face was clean.
    For the scars you also might consult with a doctor or cosmetician.
    The main thing is going for professionals and not buying some shit products in stores.
  11. zeke27

    zeke27 Fapstronaut

    I feel the same with my hair loss :(:confused:
  12. zeke27

    zeke27 Fapstronaut

    Don’t trust science. It’s corrupt and they tell what you want to hear, not what you need to hear just like the freaking covid vaccines that actually doesn’t work even though they’re telling us they do.
    The same happens with masturbation rising dht and this causing hair loss.
  13. MindfulWarrior

    MindfulWarrior Fapstronaut

    Over-masturbating is probably not good for health but I'm pretty sure there are dudes out there who never masturbate and still lose their hair, I think a healthy lifestyle reduces the rate or age at which we start losing them or altogether in some cases, maybe.
  14. zeke27

    zeke27 Fapstronaut

    They lose hair because of other things, maybe smoking or high levels of stress
  15. Look into finasteride. A good yt channel on it is Haricafe

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