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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Semaphore, Jan 25, 2019.

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    I'm curious about the age profile of the NOFap membership. Mods - can you shed any light on this please?
    I'm 60yo and I much enjoy the threads in the 40-plus group as well as a few in other groups not just age related.
    What does strike me is how many people in their 20s are here seeking to banish bad habits from their lives. My habit has been lifelong (pretty much) and it seems long overdue a banishment however one of the concerns expressed in many threads and articles elsewhere too is that we grew into porn over the non-internet years. Buying and stashing P was always a big challenge! Younger folks on the other hand have had high-speed downloads free and available everywhere so goodness knows where we'll be over time.
    I'd like to see a graph depicting how the age spread is across the entire membership.
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    Good point. And I do think our addiction isn't the same across our age, though the mechanic of the brain is the same.

    I started on slow internet, and late night adult movies on the tv (blocked with the inversed color and all,) and lived the progression of internet.
    Today. Is. A. Nigthmare. Due to superfast internet and NO protection from our society. People can't buy a pack of cigarettes today without seeing pictures of rotten lungs and a big message saying it is dangerous, but porn is everywhere, free and once you click on a porn site, you have a millions tabs open since it's a big buffet.

    I don't have the answer about the statistics but you might want to look on that website
    Pretty sure you'll find something.

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