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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by mutu, Dec 1, 2019.

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    Hi guys,

    You probably know my story, I always start any post with a summary of my addiction. In case you don't here's the summary again: I'm addicted to porn (PMO) for 10 years and this summer was my first 6 month streak but unfortunately I relapsed about 20 days ago and continued to relapse ever since, so I'm back to my bad addiction days.

    I pushed my limits to tranny porn, and no longer interested in any other genre. The problem is not that, the problem is that in the past I used to relapse because I had urges but these days I do it because I'm bored and I kind of force my self to do it, I mean I can totally control myself yet I do it just because I'm bored. What does that mean? by the way, I'm always lonely, I'm ok with it, just mentioning it so you know my situation.

    So I can say that I no longer see porn as exciting as I used to, I'm I addicted or not, what's going on!
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    I act often because I'm bored but it doesn't mean I'm not addicted. If you're choosing to do it and have total control, then stop doing it. If you don't want to stop doing it and you don't consider yourself addicted, well consider that as you're fully making a choice to engage in this behavior. Is that what you want?
  3. Sounds like compulsive behavior.
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  4. Bored and depressed are very close together, they reflect lack of enjoyment in life, lack of goals, lack of motivation, lack of purpose.

    Depressed people do not engage with others, because they "do not see the point" it is not rewarding. So it is typical to see depressed individual isolated and alone.

    You should take this seriously and explore what you can do to deal with depression. Interacting with others is the best way to fix mood, but you may want to consider getting professional help to get you started.
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    First of all you are definitely addicted. Second you need something in your life to fill that void that porn fills when you are bored. Just a few suggestions- Start a new hobby, start going to SAA meetings, get a gym membership and get into great shape, learn a new language, find a counselor who specializes in sex addiction to talk to. You are not helpless. If you want to change then fucking change.
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    Get yourself to an SA meeting asap... Or waste another decade, it's your call.
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