Addicted to Cuckolding and PIED. HELP ME PLEASE

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  1. I appreciate your take on this. I wish everyone would be that tolerant.

    There are indeed people who do worrying things when it comes to STD prevention. Hotwives should obviously always use condoms.

    Oh and the cuckolds definitely know where their hotwives have been when they come home.
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    I have this issue as well, and is the reason I am trying to quit. I'm 20 and need to re-organize my life before I get into a relationship again... I refuse to embrace the submissiveness of being a cuck. I hope all of you are successful in overcoming this.

    I find it very suspicious that the rampant rise of this fetish comes as porn is more widespread and accepted than ever before. I don't know whether it's directly the cause, but spending hours watching other men fuck women that you're attracted to seems to be a very plausible cause of this.
  3. Not surprising.
  4. Are you really serious? You must not be paying much attention.

    Stories of people escalating into porn that previously disgusted them are fantastically common here! It happens all the time!!

    The brain gets used to vanilla porn, new stuff is needed to generate the same thrill, and you're off to the races.

    Many guys report that their tastes revert to normal when they've stopped watching porn long enough.

    See here:

    and here:
  5. This is exactly what I call nonsense.

    There is no such thing as "normal". But the whole "rebooting" ideology is based on this idea. You couldn't reboot to normal if there is no such thing as normal. And what is normal according to "rebooting"? Heterosexual monogamy in its blandest form.

    People choose the porn they want. Porn is a thing, it does not hold power.
    There is this great idea here that porn is some magical entity that controls people. This just exists because people don't want to accept responsibility for their actions.

    What I see here mostly is people who are full of shame and guilt and want to blame it all on some demon called pornography so they don't have to feel responsible for their sins. I believe they don't suffer from PIED, they suffer from CHRiSTED.

    I don't completely agree with the following article, but since you were throwing articles at me, I chuck one back at you:

    I do believe porn is bad for people because when you wank constantly you will have problems getting an erection when your wife wants you to. And yes, some people get so hooked on some fantasy that they aren't able to get a stiff one when they are in a real sexual situation that does not match their fantasy at all. That's it.
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  6. Why the hell are you even on this site? Your entire mission seems to be to mock our addiction while praising porn.

    And don’t even get me started on “Doctor” David Ley. By supporting Ley, you’ve lost ANY credibility that you ever had. I think it’s quite safe to say that you’re just a troll and should be treated as such.
  7. What is normal? Definitely not the sick shit my mind has become conditioned to. Like I said earlier, why are you even here?

    Well, I don’t even care anymore. I’m done with you and your fucked up posts. I’m ignoring you....I should have done that weeks ago.
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  8. too bad, I just started to like you.
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    I am new to this site and this is one of the first threads that I have read.
    I am not a porn addict, but the partner of one and I have spent over a year on researching on pornography addiction and trying to understand my partner and to heal from betrayal trauma.

    What you have expressed in this thread contadicts everything we know from science about the brain and neuroplasticity, so it is not only ignorant of you to state what you do, but it's also very aggressive to discredit others who actually form their opinions in alignment with both what their inner moral compass are trying to tell them and what science has proven is unhealthy in every aspects of an individuals life.
    Discussions should not be about what is normal or abnormal, but about health, morals and ethics.
    Once many things were normal; treatments of women and black people as possesions for example.. but it didn't make it any less destructive and unethical.. same applies with everything today that we have normalized, despite the obvious destructive outcome of the behavior.
  10. There is what the person liked before porn escalation set in. Now I'm ignoring you, too.

    You're in the wrong place, IMO.
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    I don't know understand why everyone is so mad at BartlebytheScrivener. Does everyone here think quitting porn alone will solve all his/her problems? Aren't we addicted to porn because it's our temporary solution to our actual problems?
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  12. If you look up Gary Wilson's porn experiment TED talk on you tube, you will find a NOTE FROM TED: "This talk contains several assertions that are not supported by academically respected studies in medicine and psychology. While some viewers might find advice provided in this talk to be helpful, please do not look to this talk for medical advice."

    If you actually listen to the talk, you will realise that Wilson is talking a lot of BS. Without you needing to have any medical knowledge.

    the science about porn addiction is still very much under debate. I am just not on the team that is on Wilson's side.

    However, I do believe that porn addiction is real or at least that excessive porn watching is a bad habit.
    I have never glorified porn, by the way.

    I believe people are responsible for their own actions, watching porn is one of them. Including what kind of porn. I don't think it takes 90 days to realise that the porn you have watched is full of shitty ideas.

    I see the problem with this site that people do want to tell others what is normal and what is unhealthy. This way they just create shame and guilt often about things that no one needs to feel guilty about, because they don't do harm to anyone. These people do have moral compasses, and they want to impose these morals on others. Some people have internalised such ethics and thus hate themselves and seek to return to what they have been told is "normal". I don't think this is healthy.

    I agree the term "normal" is not a good one to use in this discussion.

    Good luck to you on your quest to get your husband off the porn sites!
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    Hello, my friend. I'm having a problem that is similar to yours. Take a look at my thread, maybe we can trade ideas.
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    "Deleted account": The intellectual equivalent of running into a crowded room, screaming gibberish, and then running out as everyone stares in bemusement.
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    Literally what I was thinking, I have a cuck fetish. I've been cheated on once and the other girls I was dating were messing with my head in the same way. I used to be sick at the idea of my significant other cheating on me. Now after nearly 15 years of porn my mind has been melted down and reformed to enjoy cucking. This is the banger though, once I finish up. I feel guilt, shame, hate, hopelessness, just an overall wave of hating myself.

    Porn is cancer, we all need to be rid of it. That bloke that everyone replied to in here had me worried, because his words were convincing. The fact that he couldn't hold up his end of the argument made me see him for what he is though. He's convinced himself that he is a cuck. He's wife sprung this upon him. He has used porn before watching cuckold porn. He has probably glorified his wife since the day he met her. He is a submissive that catered to her needs. I understand this all now.

    I cannot wait to kick this addiction. It is not me.
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    hi dude. I have a cuckold fetish too alongside a foot fetish. I have a foot fetish since i was a child. Then came the internet and I started watching femdom porn. I can recall being disgusted by cuckold porn in the earliest days. Then one day, i read a story on a website about cuckoldry and foot fetish and became turned on. That's how it all started. I feel now more turned on by cuckold foot fetish porn than just foot fetish porn. My point is that all is porn induced. Had i never read that story or never came across this, all these would have never happened. I do believe that going on these cuckold forums, stories, etc has the same effect on our brain as cuckold porn. This is indeed a porn-induced fetish and i do believe by eradicating porn in our lives, our brain may be rewired to normal so that we can enjoy "Normal" Sex again.
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    Porn is very very very bad for us. I only have romantic feelings for girls, but still having watched a cuckold licking the 'master' feet with the mistress verbal domination really turn me on. Some guys even turn to gay porn despite being straight. That's the extent to which porn screw us.
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  18. Dogmatico

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    You're absolutely correct man, it's a disease to fight.
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    This is classic escalation. You’re not into this fetish any more then I’m into bbw. It’s essentially you’re brain craving harder and more taboo niches to get a dopamine kick.

    Abstain from P and your brain/dopamine receptors will recalibrate back to normal levels and your tastes will become more vanilla.

    Stop over thinking this brother. Start rebooting
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