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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Optimum Fortitude, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. The Nofap forums have helped me tremendously but I feel like if I don't stop coming here, I will never be able to stop obsessing about being a PMO addict and a freak.

    Maybe I could check in once a week but I have PMO like cravings to check in and browse the forums. I spend a lot of time browsing.

    Does anybody have any advice on how to discern when to stop browsing the forums or how to spend less time on the forums?
  2. filmit57

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    I’m the same way in 3 days I’ll post my 1 year success story on the forums then take a break from the forums until summer then I’ll check back in.

    my only advice is use your suffering as your motivation to be better and to do whatever it takes to be a better person.
  3. stegiss

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    I guess many folks here have at least a light internet addiction on top of their PMO problems.
    If you force yourself to pause internet use for a week or so, this should help you to develop a more healthy relation with forums like this.
  4. Fenix Rising

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    You could restrain yourself only to visiting your own journal and answering replies to the posts you've made if you find it necessary. That's what I do nowdays. I don't see a point in browsing through pointless posts under reboot section about withdrawals, urges, edging, purpose of NoFap etc anymore. I reply giving advice to the posts where I sense real struggle and willingness to change behind them, but that's about it, as I've come to the conclusion that it's futile trying to convince people that are not ready to change to do so. As you well know change=suffering and if someone is not prepared to accept the pain of withdrawals in advance, he's not ready to break out of this addiction just yet and no comment we write can convince him otherwise.
  5. filmit57

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    I tend to look for verification to questions I already know the answers to or more people like me with the same problems to see their point of view even though I’ve seen it many times.
  6. StonePlacidity

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    Does going to nofap forum everyday means I'm addicted? I spend maximum 1 hour on nofap forum each day
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  7. Its just like anything else (PMO included): what impact does it have on your own life personally? Does the pros still outweigh the cons?
  8. gingeralan

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    I think u just answered your own question

    I am looking a lot at the moment, but u think for now it what I need to do, reading some of the other posts does give me strength to go forward, if you feel it’s taking over your life give it a break for a bit, update your journal etc if you want. But if you feel it’s getting a negative habit then you need to deal with that.
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  9. StonePlacidity

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    I feel like I'm just here so I wouldn't be on porn sites :confused:

    edit: well maybe not, I don't have urges all the time
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  10. dudealone

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    I have always asked for help to you in conversations and I proudly say that you helped me always. By your above statement it means that you think that I am really struggling. Thanks for that ... Like you ... I also believ that the pain of recovery is infinite times more than the pleasure of addiction. I have no urge to Watch P, or do MO but only to become healthy as soon as possible and pray to god everyday to ease my withdrawals and forgive me for my mistakes in life and first to make me healthy and wise.

    Thanks for helping, your advices our nothing less than a Elder brother.
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  11. kropo82

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    I know what you mean, this place does keep the trappings of porn addiction uppermost in our minds.

    Me too. I find it hard to work out when I am just experiencing the same 'scrolling compulsion' that leads me to waste too much time in social media, or when it is genuine recovery work.

    I have conflicting advice. I have twice decided to give up visiting these forums for a month. Both times I also avoided twitter and Facebook. The second time (January this year) I also avoided Flickr, Instagram, and the news. The first time was a success, at least in some respects. I did feel refreshed by my break. It wasn't as successful at combating my procrastination habits as I had hoped because those habits transferred to Instagram and news apps (hence why I added them to the banned list second time). But I did feel more discerning when I returned, more choosy about time spent and posts read. The second time was also mixed: giving up social media for a month was a huge success (I have not gone back to mindless scrolling); giving up the news was great (I'm staying clear of that for a while, as long as I am giving back to society, taunting myself with problems I have no power to fix is a waste of my time); but giving up these forums was a mistake. Things happened that left me very anxious and very tempted to fall back into pornography use. I didn't, I am well practiced at resisting now, but I should have put my 'no NoFap forums' rule aside and come here seeking help. I didn't. That was stupid of me.

    I think it is a good idea to work out healthy ways of spending time here, ways that concentrate on our recovery work (i.e. seeking support and helping others) but it is easy to fall into mindless scrolling or that strange compunction to check if our posts have been liked or quoted.

    Here are a few ideas ...
    • Pick times of day when you spend too much time here and ban yourself during those hours. For example first thing in the morning, especially if I am homeworking (i.e. now!) I have a tendency to spend hour after hour here. A good rule for me would be something like 'only reading books before starting work'.
    • Limit yourself to certain users and sub-forums. I have to be careful with Off Topic. I know some people love it there but I find myself getting drawn into completely irrelevant discussions or debates, sometimes with people who seem to have no commitment whatsoever to their own recovery, and (I hope this does not sound too arrogant) sometimes with complete idiots. So I try to avoid Off Topic and concentrate on the journal sections and the Rebooting in a Relationship forum and its sub-forums.
    @Optimum Fortitude if you do come up with other techniques to ensure that time spent on these forums is useful time, then do let me know.
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