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  1. Yes, I realize that those girls are someone's daughters. I never have an arousal issue with teen girls in "real" life, only when online in my sex chat mode and in the heat of feeding my pleasure. Thanks for the input.
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    I hate to admit this as well. But at the worst of my PA, I went down a similar road. The question you should ask yourself is when you are in an encounter with a minor in real life do you find yourself with the same desire?

    For me it was no. Fuck no. Is this is true for you then this is due to the coolidge effect. After watching all kinds of P, youll need something riskier something more taboo to get off too, since your brain requires a newer high.

    In my personal experience unless i already MO'd and needed an extra umph I didnt go there and now that im actively trying to free myself from that i have no desire to go there EVER again. Honestly theres so many hotter women out there but the taboo aspect is what got me off which is what i think is the basis of PA.

    If your answer is that you seek it out in real life then you might want to seek addiction therapy because it might be more serious than you know. The fact that you can talk about it and be open about is a HUGE first step.

    PA isnt a joke, take it seriously, youre gonna fail multiple times use those failures proactively and accept yourself along the way. Remember the key here is to become healthier. My journey hasnt been that long but a critical milestone for me was being dedicated to healing myself to be healthy in mind body and spirit.
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  3. To address your question, no in real life minors never me to become aroused. The effect is limited to when I have been online involved in sex chat. I believe that in fact my desires did escalate associated with the Coolidge Effect. The taboo aspect was a major factor in why teen girls were the focus of my masturbation.

    I definitely understand that PA is not a joke. I also understand that my desires are not healthy and they are just wrong. That is why I am using this program. I have had any of these feelings since i started to address my addiction.

    All the best to you on your journey.
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    Dude my advice is throw your phone off the window or hide it in the office or somewhere. Get a cheap phone. Smartphones are not allowed in the house in my opinion.
  5. I have never used my phone for porn or any other masturbation activities. I have used my laptop, and I cannot dispense with that becasuse of work.
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    I am ashamed to admit it but I am exactly like u. I also am looking for help as well
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    OP, stop NOW. I started to go down this road at 21, and by age 25, it had escalated to real-life fantasy.
    However: at 50 days, the urges become weaker and weaker, and I'm starting to desire adult women again. You WILL get rid of these urges, trust me.
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    Bump...still struggles
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    Outside of bumping this message, what action have you taken recemtly? Your behaviour is serious and you need to take that seriously. I'm not judging you, hard as it may be, but take some action.
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    This is going to be controversial, but thats completely normal I found out literally just the other day. The documentary is called "Are all men pedophiles", you can watchi it on Amazon prime, its won like 7 awards.

    Here's what I learned

    - Attraction to teens is normal. All men find teens attractive
    - When were 16 were attracted to 16 year old but when we get older we still find them attractive
    - Most humans are a combination of I forget the name but attracted to adult women, and hebophiles
    - Pedophilia, let me see if I get this right, is a Preference to pre-pubescent children (ie before puberty), I thought it was 12 and younger, but it actually is 13 and younger. You must have had this preference and acted on it for at least 6 months straight.
    - The is also an infant form of pedophilia which involves infants 0-3 years old. Sick huh
    - Pedophilia is like being gay, you can't help it, dam it, but I forgot what causes it, but I'm not going to hate on them, only the ones that offend. there was a guy who is outright a pedophile but he does not offend and does not view child porn because its illegal
    - A 16 year old girl is fully sexually mature, although boys mature physically later at 18
    - Legally, even clothed pictures of under age girls is classed as pedophila, owch

    Try not going to it and it should fad, you should see her for her age with abstinence.

    This is correct.

    Muslims still do it today, and way younger, even in Australia a couple months ago I seen this 18 year old chick with a +35 er or older, she was all over him holding hands like a little puppy dog, I was like WTF? This guy had no shame, he actually seemed very proud, wtf man, what do you talk about? You're a dickhead marrying her mate!

    I honestly believe you.

    Your brain may be producing more dopamine because you know its wrong, thats escalation.

    Solid advice!

    Having said that, are they saying all men see teens and get sexually attracted? No. Id say pretty much most self respecting men dont look, they avoid looking because they know its wrong, I think its saying potentially they could be turned on and that's normal. By the way, you know the average model age is 16? You'd never know it.

    On the bodybuilding misc they use to have threads with a two letter acronym I wont mention. Yes I have been in those threads (about +10 years ago) and downloaded a couple pictures that were very sexy, actually Id say sexual. However, they were only few I saved, I do not have a preference, and I do actually know of a site I could go to right now but wont, because it does nothing for me. But if you sent me nudes of say 16 year old girls spread eagle, vagina, I would probably be aroused by that, I'm not going to lie, id probably need something like that because porn does nothing for me. (Well actually DVDs are good!) Most guys would pull there dicks out and jerk off to that and probably be ashamed of it later, and so you should, because mentally and socially, thats a child bro, if you think about. To me even a 21 year old is not mature enough for me, but truth is, after 21, girls start getting out of shape. The older a girl gets the more out of shape she is. 16 she's probably at her peak physically. By 25 they get pretty fat, and by 30 they're on the way out, thats why women want to hurry up and get married before 30 because they think "I better get married before i lose my looks and no man will take me", but guys increase in value later in life, 35-40, and older they start succeeding so men should not get married before 30 because they're not in their peak. No guy should get married before 30. Also remember men mature much later that females. For example a 16 year old is WAAAY more mature than a 16 year old boy mentally, emotionally and socially, that why women marry older men, because they're more mature, women always marry older and men usually marry younger. But yeah 16 is wrong, 16 is a kid, all you're doing is sexualising a child, or okay a teen, which is a kid. Let them keep their purity and innocence, but don't beat yourself up for being attracted, its normal, just don't act on it. We could take in consideration other countries as well, and ancient times to see the big picture, even what the muslims are doing, thats why that documentary is worth watching if you're ashamed (not that they mention muslims). The thing is, if you masturbate to that shit, you link your brain to find it sexually attracted, so if you want out, you know what to do.
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