addicted to prone masturbation

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    hey guys I will keep this very short
    I am addicted to prone mastubation, have intense sexual thoughts when not masturbating and I would like to connect with other similar people so we could share our experiences and together beat this motherfucker
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  3. first of all my friend, DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT keep doing prone masturbation for a long time. I myself have done prone masturbation for almost 5 years and in the 5th year i started noticing that i was having difficulty in passing urine and after some more masturbation this problem seemed to become permanent. Now i go to the bathroom after every 50 min in a day (around 20 times per day). This happened because i was masturbating the wrong way. I would recommend you to stop prone masturbation immediately, instead you should masturbate with hands or even better, don't masturbate at all. Hope this helps.
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    Hi man. As a prone masturbator for years i've learned, from what i've read here, that people who masturbated prone beat it by 2 different ways:
    1. For those that pmo'd and prone M, cut pmo first and when you regain your erections, try masturbation with a light grip. Some people had sex after a while of no pmo and they regained sensitivity just like that.
    2. For those that have been prone m but dont have pied, you can try and M with a light grip if you dont depend on pron, or you can do no pmo to regain sensitivity. Either way is good.

    I don't consider pron to be a good alternative to learn a light grip. Cut that shit out.
    Since today you should stop prone m until you die. Its not healthy

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