1. sid_naruto007

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    Hi all ! My first post here !
    I have experimented with Nofap for almost 2 years now. Go on short streaks of about 5-12 days. My longest has been about a month, but that is because of my OCD pills which considerably lowered my sex drive. I do not want to depend on them and organically go through this process. The issue I am facing currently, is during those periods of extreme sexual urges, I am not able to reason or rationalize why I shouldn't masturbate or watch porn. My heart knows that I am not supposed to do it, yet every single time I fail. I think this is happening because of my high sexual drive, there is a lot of energy which I do not know how to dissipate once I go past the 12 or 13 day mark. I also know suppressing sexual energy is not the best way to go in the long term. So i need some genuine advice how to just witness the emotions of lust and care about it rather than just succumb to them?
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    Do something with it. Work out, draw, whatever.

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