Addictions beside P anyone?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by msterling22s, Feb 3, 2022.

  1. msterling22s

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    Just curious if other guys (or gals) have other addictions that may go hand in hand with P and M?

    So ironically I have had a P addiction as well as a youtube addiction for the last 10 years of my life ( I'm 26). What took me way too long to figure out is I started watching a lot of youtube and found P at the exact time which , for me, was a deadly combo for anxiety and depression. Throughout high school I was miserable.. couldn't figure out why but it felt like that one episode of south park where all Stan saw was literal shit.. That's how my life felt.. Back then, I wish someone in my family would've seen the changes I felt and I would try to talk to them about it, but they didn't really get it, which wasn't their burden to bare anyways. I had to figure this out on my own and I'm happy i did in the present.. But watching youtube as a kid growing up, I guess gave me a false sense of friends? which sounds cringy but that's how my brain took that information. I had friends and was super happy as a kid, but when I started watching P and watching a lot of youtube i wasn't really happy and I found no joy in a lot of the small things.. So zooming forward to the future ,I am seeing big impacts on minimizes my time on youtube and stop watching P and M. I have realized that social interactions, real social interactions are so important to our mental health, i think i was just running away from that fear of rejection growing up..

    I love to hear your stories of different addictions that you see a pattern that you need to be free of.. We all have the power within us to control our habits.. We have a really great community here to help eachother out!
  2. I've dealt with multiple addictions over the years. Some of the worst ones for me were benzos and gambling, porn is still the worst one though.
  3. fredisthebes

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    The only proper other addiction I have is coffee - get headaches if I don't get my daily fix.

    However, I have an addictive/compulsive and excessive attitude to almost everything in my life - food, drink, exercise, sleep or not sleeping, television, the internet, love and relationships, money (both making and spending, but especially spending), even down to hobbies and things like housework. At this point I've got to just acknowledge this and try and use it to my advantage when I can.
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  4. BrighterFuture

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    I can really relate with you, I've also been addicted to p and Youtube for as long as I can remember, the main reason was boredom and probably the lack of a father figure, it's sounds weird but yeah growing up without a father made me more isolated from everyone around me, I never understood them and never wanted to, I just wanted my Ipad fully charged watching youtube videos of white people laughing endlessly at video games

    I still use youtube as my main escape, but my habits on the platform has improved over time

    other than youtube and p, I'm pretty clean with no other major addictions :)
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  5. msterling22s

    msterling22s Fapstronaut

    I can relate to the coffee fix.. Man those weekend headaches if you try to go without coffee are real!!
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  6. msterling22s

    msterling22s Fapstronaut

    It's interesting that you mentioned that having no father figure might've had something to do with it. Because I ,also , never had a dad around.. Isn't it amazing of relaxed and comfortable youtube can make you feel? It's like a weird trap, i swear.. I'm happy to hear you are seeing improvement in you platform use! I used to watch youtube for hours a day, now I just try to watch Any new anime episodes that came out and around 30 minutes of YT. Good luck bud!
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  7. Wastedlife

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    Marijuana was a major addiction of mine - drugs in general you might say, as if it wasn't weed it was booze. Eating too much savory food. Maybe being lazy, if that counts.
  8. BrighterFuture

    BrighterFuture Fapstronaut

    Yeah that sense of "everything will be ok, just continue watching" is exactly why I kept watching youtube while I was young, but now I honestly get the feeling while reading books more than I get watching videos on youtube, because unlike video formats, books give you the ability to pause, you start and finish at your own rhythm, you have more control over what you're doing, nothing is forced, you can't have that while watching pewdiepie because his videos are basically made to pull your attention for as long as possible, and most people there follow the same principle, and it's pathetic and time consuming

    Also you mentioned watching anime? damn I was there bro, but I killed my enjoyment to anime (and all cartoon) 2 years ago by convincing myself that I'm too old for it, and to be honest 19 years old is too old for watching any cartoon, heck I mean haven't we all wasted enough time in front of screens? We really should get out more and move,

    best of luck on your journey to recovery, my friend!
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  9. Saiba Sakaki

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    Yes i do have, i don't know if this an addiction or not, but i open my phone daily like 14-16 hours, most hour is social media and games. So maybe i had an internet addiction and games addiction
  10. UnironicallySigma

    UnironicallySigma Fapstronaut

    marijuana, sex, internet
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  11. dofdcostheta

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    Porn was by far the most severe. I was addicted to weed when i was younger (like 17-20), really smoked to escape and felt terrible.
    But, at particularly difficult times in my life, binge eating was a seriously awful one. i'm an athlete and so I never really put on weight from it, but there were a lot of times i ate until i felt like i was gonna throw up. I specifically never let myself purge, because i knew from my habits that that was a straight shot to bulimia.

    still overeat somewhat often, but the intensity is down so, so far. Proud of how far i've come with that.
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  12. Besides P; coffee and excessive eating. Been 2 months without coffee, withdrawals were annoying. Coffee is not even on my mind anymore. Currently losing weight so that's going well. It's just P that's hard to kick.
  13. Vindicat

    Vindicat Fapstronaut

    I had problems (not a full addictions maybe, i'm not sure) with mdma, marijuana, amphetamine. Also addicted to youtube, videogames, instagram stories every evening.
    I believe that addiction to P is the hardest and worst-making in my life.
    Somedays I spend a lot of time in youtube, but I believe I coped with all addictions.

    Btw, I think that p had worst affect on my life, anxiety and brainfog than all drugs. That's just insane, but that's so
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  14. Brain-Police

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    Porn and masturbation is absolutely the worst one I struggle with. Luckily, I am not addicted to any substances like cigarettes, drugs or alcohol, and my heart goes out to anyone who is. I engage in the casual drink during momentous and social occasions, but that's really about it. I have a very addictive personality though, as I'm sure anyone can from wanting to escape one's ugly thoughts/emotional processes that feels too uncomfortable to confront.
    My other addictions are internet, junk food, and procrastination.

    The roots of it all came from growing up with a bipolar, narcissistic, emotionally-stunted father. My father had many sides to him. At times, he was the philosophical, authority figure who was well-read and self-reflective. He read a lot, watched documentaries and was fascinated by history, socially rebellious figures, artists, philosophers and scientists. He'd tell me all about it and tell me stories of how he grew up. Then, next thing ya know, seemingly out of nowhere, he'd become the guy who would belittle you, throw things around the room, and beat you for something as simple as you walking in front of the tv, interrupting him as he was talking, or a fly that happened to be buzzing around his face for too long. Having a hair-trigger-temper father developed my fears of being hit and being humiliated, which eventually, led me to keep my personality and eccentricities a secret. Secrecy, shame, and fear breeds addiction and self hatred. It also doesn't help that I grew up Catholic, and masturbation was considered a primitive evil, so when I did masturbate for the first time at the age of 12, i was conflicted.

    "How come something that feels so physically good be so spiritually bad?"
    This is why so many kids fall into drugs. They're always told it's a bad thing and it'll kill them, (exaggerated information) but when it doesn't kill them on the first puff, they feel that they've been lied to by teachers and parents, and so, the rebellion and mistrust begins. This is why there is always a disconnect between teenagers and adults. Tell people the truth about things. Kids (and adults/people in general) are starved for affection, attention, and information. Give them the wrong information and they'll either be blindsided by it and live in denial, or come to hate and mistrust the person that gave them said information.
    This is what happened to me.
    I became addicted and never told anybody that I masturbated until I was 16 to a friend at school.

    It's true what @WildEntheology said,
    This is true.
    If you're addicted to one thing, you can easily be hooked on another.
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  15. Same for me it's youtube addiction there have been days I'll wake up watch P and MO then watch Youtube for couple of hours and then again back to P and after another relapse again couple of hours back to Youtube like that there'd be 5-6 such cycles and the day is over and the week is over. I wondered the month of february just started and here we are at 22nd of february. Wasting all the time not being productive at all has always haunted me.
    The common part is even I don't have a dad. Is there some connection?!:emoji_eyes:
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  16. TakingTheSteps

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    I think my addiction to coca cola is probably even worse than PMO. I've been able to make it 22 days, I think, with no PMO, but when I try to stop drinking soda, I rarely ever make it a whole week.

    I think it's mostly because I feel like it's less important though. To me, there is a moral component to PMO that I am very against and desperately want to stop participating in. Whereas drinking a coke or two a day isn't *that* big of a deal to me. It's more just the fact that it bothers me that I don't feel like I can just stop drinking it. I crave it so much when I try to go even a day without it.

    I've even tried replacing it with other sodas that don't have caffeine, but I still end up wishing I was drinking coke. I wish I could just be happy with water.
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  17. Brain-Police

    Brain-Police Fapstronaut

    You may've already tried this, but have you ever tried subbing Coke with Sparkling water? My younger brother was addicted to soda in general and began kicking his habit using that.
  18. TakingTheSteps

    TakingTheSteps Fapstronaut

    Yea, I detest sparkling water with a passion. Lol I find it really gross. I honestly don't understand how anyone enjoys it.

    I wish it was just the bubbles that I enjoyed, or even just the sugar, because then I could easily substitute something like ice tea with a bit of sweetener. But it seems to be the whole combination of everything. Even other sodas are a bit meh to me in comparison.

    I tried to get my hands on some caffeine free coke, because supposedly they make that, but it's super expensive online and nowhere in town seems to sell it.
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  19. Brain-Police

    Brain-Police Fapstronaut

    Well, damn... haha. How long has it been since your last sip of Coke? Any triggers?
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  20. TakingTheSteps

    TakingTheSteps Fapstronaut

    Haha :p I actually have cut down quite a bit from the past. I used to sometimes drink 3, occasionally even 4, a day. Now I buy the mini cans and I *try* to only have two in a day. Sometimes I have a third, but I try to keep it to 2.
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