Admin please recover my old account?

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Deleted Account, May 17, 2018.

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  1. I had an old account in this forum. Then scammer/hacker messed with it without my permission. Changed password and apparently changed email too, because I try to reset password but it does not come to my email. That account is still up and sitting here inactive.

    All I require is admin to manually change password to the oldest one. It's the same or similar as for this account. Or change email of the account to one I initially registered with so I can reset password myself.

    Please PM me or reply to this thread so I can PM you with the name of my account and my email and password if necessary. Please help. Would be really great to get that account back.

    @Alexander @2525 @Jack Fischer @[email protected] @matthewmammothrept @Moderation Team @Quiver @sparkywantsnoPMO @Survivalist
  2. BuddhaPunkRobotMonk

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    I PMed you. In the future, please just PM your request regarding lost accounts of other account matters to a member of the moderation team, rather than posting about it here. This forum is not for questions like these, it is for peer-to-peer support regarding forum software.
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  3. Alexander

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    Probably not.

    It's challenging to verify a person's identity and I don't really have the time or desire to, when you can just make a new account.
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