1. The 'motivational ads' have started appearing, even though I'm sure they weren't there before. Why is this, and can it stop?

    Also, if you're going for suggestion, there are better ways to phrase the motivationals. Subliminal programming works best when it doesn't use time-sensitive phrasing or negatives. I keep seeing 'You don't "need" porn, even if you want to use it badly' This just puts porn in my mind when it wasn't there before, and isn't actually helpful. Also, "need porn" is stressed, and the phrase "you want to use it badly" is playing with fire when it comes to subconscious suggestion. Something like "You find porn distasteful" might be more effective.

    I know, the Mods are busy people, and everyone's a critic, but I'm just writing my opinion, while I'm here.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2020
  2. Looks like my subscription hasn't gone through yet, I'm guessing this is why the ads have popped up...

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