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    Hey guys and gals,

    I would like to share with you guys some stuff I've been trying out for the past year that has been helping me reduce the amount of adult content I view on my computer. I've been struggling for quite some time with self-control and I've realized I manage to find unorthodox ways to gain access porn, when I'm trying to avoid it. I won't go into detail, so y'all don't get any ideas. I've scoured the internet in search for free or cheap alternatives to software programs that enable content blockers. Don't get me wrong, I, as well as many others, strongly encourage you to invest in your journey to recovery. However, as a college student, I would like to find the best ways that work around my budget.

    My hope with this post is that I can share with you guys what I have found, and recount my experiences with these alternatives. If you decide you would like to look further into some of these, be prepared to be mindful and strong. For your convenience, I use a MacBook, so if you can't find something I've mentioned with a PC, I would be more than glad to help you find some alternatives! I hope and pray that this post reaches all of those who need a helpful boost, and blesses as many people as it can!

    For the sake of redundancy or aid, I will be including a "How to use" section at the bottom of each section, to best help in the process.

    -Google Chrome: This web browser is absolute gold for me. I have been very successful with using extensions, which I will mention in the next bullet point, that enable content blocking. The main reason I choose Chrome over Safari is that I am able to deactivate private browsing, while I had trouble finding solutions that worked well for me on Safari. There are some blog posts online that can teach you how to deactivate incognito mode. For context, incognito mode does not keep safe mode on while browsing Google, and it frustrated me for the longest time. I almost gave up on web browsers all along.
    I do believe that if you prefer Firefox, there are some blogs that can also help with disabling their version of incognito mode.
    How to use: Search for Google Chrome on your existing browser and follow the steps for set up.

    -Block Site - for Chrome: This extension for chrome is a focus-oriented application that includes an adult-content blocker. Although it can be tempting to deactivate the extension's use of content filtering, it gives the user an option to add a password lock to blocked sites, which makes this extension very useful if you have an accountability partner. I have been thankful to be mindful of this feature, yet not needed to use a password on it, so that way I am still relying on building self-control. Fairly intuitive. I have tested several websites, keywords, and image searches, and so far it works just great!
    The only thing I would say I am not fond of is that if you don't have an accountability partner that is easy to reach and can set up a password, it could be tempting for someone to disable the extension and relapse, so user discretion would be advised.

    How to use: Click on Chrome, Preferences, on the left menu bar click extensions, once you search and find it, set it up as you please.

    -Porn Block Plus: This is an application for Safari. I liked this application in the beginning because of how straightforward it was. This is best geared towards individuals who would like an added level of protection to their web browsing.

    Some problems I had with it were:
    1) it does not have password-required access, so disabling is as easy as opening the
    application and turning it off, and
    2) keywords relating to the LGBTQ+ were blocked along with other adult-related words.

    How to use: install the application from the app store, and turn on. This can also be used on Safari on any iDevices.

    -1Focus: 1Focus is my tried and true alternative and here is why:

    —In order to block Safari on your computer so that you mainly have access to your alternative browser, you must either 1) set up parental controls which may be a nuisance to the owner of the computer if there are no other users on that particular device, especially personal laptops, or 2) use a focus-oriented application to temporarily disable access to the app.
    — The app blocks specific websites including certain social media, like twitter and reddit that can access NSFW content, chat rooms, etc.

    How to use: The main thing here is that you set up which websites to block, include Safari in the list of apps to block, then set up a timer to 23 hours and 59 minutes (the max allotted time), and then schedule blocking.

    OpenDNS Proxy Server: This last alternative works best for primary home use, especially if using on a family computer. If you go to school or work where the internet already includes proxy servers, it would be best advised to not use this, as this can mess with your internet connection.
    OpenDNS has ready and available servers that filter through most adult content. Their database of website blacklists is continuously improving as users search and report websites to better enhance the use of this tool. The only issue I found while using this at home was it would force Google to use safe search mode and in turn also restrictive mode on Youtube which restricts content that might not actually be inappropriate including LGBTQ+ content.

    How to use: Search for OpenDNS Web Content Filtering and Security, scroll down to "Preconfigured Web Content Filtering (Non-adjustable)", and follow the steps to set up the IP address.

    I hope this post was of some help in hopes of bettering ourselves. This by no means is meant as a crutch, but as a constructive tool used to enhance and better our process for removing porn out of our daily internet intake.

    If you guys would like to post other helpful tips or alternatives that are free or cheap, please do so and let's help each other out. If you guys also have any tips for some alternatives on Android or iPhone, also feel free to include that.

    God's blessings to all!
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    Spin browser on mobile works well. It’s based on Firefox. I use it on android/iPad.
    Also pluckeye for chrome/firefox.

    you have to know that you give
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