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Discussion in 'Partner Support' started by helpingmylove, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. helpingmylove

    helpingmylove Fapstronaut

    My boyfriend got a Ruku. He admitted to viewing porn Showtime, HBO, and Amazon Prime. My question is, does anyone know if there porn on Google Movies and Vudu?

    (He has the Google Movies and Vudu apps on Roku, but isn't logged on. I wonder if he logs on and then logs off. Why else would the channels be there? Although, perhaps they are default channels that comes with Roku and he never signed up and never bothered to delete them. Thoughts? Advice?)
  2. Kenzi

    Kenzi Fapstronaut

    So much porn on roku!
  3. Kenzi

    Kenzi Fapstronaut

    You have to delete them from the internet account tho through your email

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