Advice for a friend of mine?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Kristen, May 24, 2016.

  1. Kristen

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    One of my friends,
    Told me he wants to stop MOing..

    He told me he feels most arroused at night after work..whenever he is really tired..but he cant sleep unless the wood goes away..its too he has to MO 1-4 times a night..

    He says cold showers dont help it just makes him cold...
    I didnt know what to say or what advice to any ideas on what might help?

    What do u do when u get 'firm' anytime your tired....

    Hope to get answers/ advise soon so i can get back to him, on that..
  2. MFCSteele

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    Sounds like from the get go he's setting himself up for failure. He just has to get rid of the erection, he has to. No matter what. That right there is already giving in. Yeah, they pop up for seemingly endless reasons but they stay around because someone keeps entertaining them.

    Read a good book, do some pushups, figure it out.
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  3. traveller22

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    Agreed. It's not rocket science. Maybe he has a picture of a particularly austere looking elderly aunt to look at or something. That's bound to get the wood to disappear immediately.

    There's no silver bullet, but where there's a wood there's a way.

    Tell you friend he can do it!

  4. nonfap

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    The best advise I can think of is just don't go to sleep until it is gone or until he is so tired he just fallls asleep. He needs to break himself of this bad habit though. By MOing he is just reinforcing it and making the habit harder to break. He needs to not do it no matter what even if it means staying awake. Eventually the habit will break and he will be able to sleep even with erection. I've never had this problem myself but that is what I think.

    Also, I guess everyones body is different but diet and the times he eats might play a factor. Generally if I eat 3 meals a day at morning, noon and evening it helps. Also staying away from red meat like beef. Not that I never eat it but I do try to stay away from it at times because I think it makes it more difficult sometimes. And definitely stay away from clams, oysters and stuff like that.

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