Advice for dating, cause hating small boobs

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Jonny1992, May 7, 2019.

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    What a great Post man. Thank you for that one. I will continue my reboot, cause I read in the woman section, that many woman were asked, if they would marry their partner again, knowing how hard it can be to have a partner addicted to PMO, they wouldn’t marry them again.

    That is what I am afraid of now, sure, I want a girl that fits my expectations, big boobs for example are really soft and cuddling is awesome. Small boobs also feel great, but I first work on my mind and try to learn control myself. I don’t want my future wife suffering from my PMO addiction.
  2. Infrasapiens

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    When you are in love those thing do not really matter, you will see her as the hottest thing you have ever seen.
    When you are just feeling lust, nothing will ever be enough for you, nothing will be able to fit your standards, and you will be left alone.
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  3. Is your question how not to be shallow or how to get a girlfriend with big boobs?

    If it's the former try letting go of judgement and reduce time spent with shallow people. If it's the latter, talk to girls with big boobs and ask them out. It helps to be less picky about over all weight when searching for big boobs because they tend to belong to thicker women 8 out of 10 times...just a pro tip.
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    It's a challenge, but you might find a girl with nice boobs. Keep in mind that a) very few women keep having nice boobs (they start to sag at some point) and b) very few women actually have "nice" boobs.
    Most kinds of boobs are either too small, hang too much (those that are big), are not full and round...
    The best looking boobs are fake ones. Only a special kind of woman has those, often prostitutes and high maintenance babes.... or porn stars!
    Sounds to me like your brain got wired to some porn actresses.
  5. VictoryFormation88

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    Great points! Still can't help to think I can find a girl with a "nice" pair
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  6. Ra's Al Ghul

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    I am the reverse problem. I don't mind much if she doesn't have huge boobs, but that booty tho. She's gotta have it.
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  7. overclocked

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    Sometimes it's worth looking around ;) I rejected a few chubby girls, because I really wanted a fit girl - and I got one!
    Assmen, eh? :D It's easier to find what you are looking for. Keep in mind that a lot of huge boobs only look good with bras, some girls even cheat and use those special wonder bras. But hips don't lie and a nice behind is easy to find. You can date a bigger lady or motivate a slim girl to do some squats.
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  8. Rehab101

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    *******TRIGGER WARNING*******

    I too suffered with boobs obsession. I just want to touch as many nice boobs as possible. Because of this I hurt my so's feeling. I often resent how her boobs are not close enough or perky is very shallow of me. I blame this mentality on being shy and not take my chances to interact with girls back in college. I also hugely blame being exposed to sexy anime girls and hentai I'm younger age. It's messed up my expectation till this day. It makes me lust over women with for body, with nice face and perky good size boobs (none of the implant crap). I really hate how implant doesn't jiggle or move natrually. They are gross
    My advice is to focus on the good quality of the girl you like. Little by little you train your brain. It is okay to like girl boobs but don't just let that feeling dictate your decision and emotion. You will be miserable if you fall into that trap.
  9. VictoryFormation88

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    @Rehab101 your obsession with boobs could even go further back than what you articulated. Not only do breasts provide milk for infants, breastfeeding is also a nurturing experience. It's one of the ways a mother and child bond (one way, not the only). Literally, if your mother breastfed you, you bonded with her breasts. And thus, if your mother didn't offer emotional support, the sexual attraction can really be a disguise for a desire for nurturing and bonding (which is essentially what a healthy sexuality should be). Or, if you are needing nurturing/intimacy, breasts are an exemplary representation of the feminine. Just a little psychology.

    But then again, sometimes breast preference can be attributed to personal taste lol I believe that human experience is incredibly complex, so there are probably multiple reasons.

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