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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Master of chastity, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Master of chastity

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    Foto am 20.10.15 um 18.57.jpg

    this is how I keep track of my P success. Every day I dont watch P (watch, masturbate, binge or edge) I get a green checkmark. as you all can see
    this was a pretty good year so far. last time i had an encounter with P was on a friday in april.

    i can tell you guys this system has definetly saved me a couple of times. once you have such a nice document you really dont want to screw that up

    also checking a date every morning gives huge satisfaction.

    hope that helped
  2. Nerdman

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    Great post! Thanks for sharing that! I've been doing the same. Even though i have the PMO tracker on this site I really value my routine of making a check mark on my calendar. It also gives me an overview of my success and I can figure out patterns when I relapse and make better strategies.
    Congratulations on a great year! Much success for the future!
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  3. Lunar Devil

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    Look at that! What happened in the summer months? Why all the stress during the rest of the year?!
  4. Master of chastity

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    the beginning of my sober streak was when i got involved with these forums and when i started to get serious about it.

    i intend to stay away from pmo for good. not necessarily from mo but that will take care of itself i guess. until now i never did that too but i dont want to forswear it. i am married and have sexual encounters with my wife i should mention.

    the problem for me was pmo , nothing else
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