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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by gunslinger215, Nov 25, 2018.

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    Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing well.
    Recently in the last month or so I gained a lot of weight and I want to lose at least 5kg and improve my fitness levels. I mostly want to burn fat around my stomach and chest.

    I am considering joining a local gym, but I have no idea how I should begin. Are there any resources that guide how to make effective use of the gym equipment step by step? Any advice would be welcome. Thanks
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    Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe is a great book for beginners. I have been using it for about a year. I also bought the Starting Strength app to assist in tracking progress. It takes you through your workout and calculates how much weight to use.
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    Thanks a lot!
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    but losing weight is always both eating less eating right and moving more ... or if you like it boild down to the core of it all you have to do is breath more no realy watch this:

    that helped me to set my perspective in all this complicated fitness madness ... keep it simple that works

    Watch your goals ... fat is not repsonding to wehre you train or how you train it just goes away by one design genetics, target fat lose is some body part may work with ice packs but not by training. But even that is well .. quastionable. just lose fat keep the 5Kg target but don't expected to start wehre you like to start it.
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    Most importantly, stay in a caloric deficit. Google how much calories you need to be eating, in order to lose weight. Start by cutting out the junk foods you eat, if you eat any, as well as sweetened drinks. Eat chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits, oats.
    You should find basic instructions on the machines in your gym, atleast the starting and the finishing position of an exercise.
    After you learn how to use the machines, make a plan for yourself around the 4 basic lifts: deadlifts, squats, overhead press and bench press. Or have someone experienced do it. Watch youtube videos on how to perform them as well.
    Forget doing isolation exercises in the beginning. Never skip the warm up (I don't mean the treadmill).
    Don't waste money on fat burners and know that targetted fat loss is a myth and don't believe anyone that says otherwise.
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  8. One of the most important things is getting it going and sticking with it.

    Take care of your body: Remember to warm-up properly, doing the exercies with good form and cooling down properly. So many rescources to choose from really, that sticking with it is not only an advice in starting with working out, but also with the resources/information/guides etc. you choose.

    Take a look at Tony Hortons channel on the YouTube ( which has lots of resources and workout videos (you possibly can do at home). He created P90X if you've heard of that. I don't like home training videos in general (because some dude or woman screaming at me is not motivating to me) but Tony Horton has an authentic and jokenly approach and touch I like.

    I personally don't train at the gym but do all in my flat except swimming and cycling. Resources I use the most are the YouTube channels Fitnessblender and Tony Horton Fitness, the P90X program, and searching on YouTube for full length workouts (did some dance workouts for example a couple of times.. don't know what happened there he he).
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  9. I learned everything I know mostly from YouTube and specifically Mike Chang's program Six Pack Shortcuts. That's definitely a play on words; there is no shortcut, his program kicked my ass.

    That was my base, I also pulled from many other programs and tailored the exercises to my liking. You don't have to follow any 1 workout program to the T. Adjust it to your needs.

    Example: I can't do dead lifts. Always causes back pain despite watching several YouTube videos, training with friends, learning from a personal trainer that I paid for, and I still can't do them right. So I took them out of my routine. Some people say they're one of the most important exercise. For me, that's not true, and I still look great despite not doing them. So make it your own and trust your body.
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    A lot of solid advice all through here, my only inputs is a gym isnt necessary. There are many creative ways to workout, build strength, and burn fat by not paying a monthly subscription. The caloric deficit mentioned earlier is huge! And above all, you cant quit. Our bodies are wired to have a "standard weight" for the lifestyle our body is familiar with and will do a lot to maintain that. If your body is familiar with having a high body fat percentage it will actually fight against efforts to maintain that until it is overcome and familiar with something else
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    Exercise is fantastic. I love how I feel while on a regular exercise routine. Life is just better.

    Everyone so far has provided great advice and suggestions. Mike Chang and AthleanX are both great resources for learning about fitness and nutrition. I also like the Buff Dudes. They provide easy, at home workout routines...and they are funny.

    Good luck on your journey my friend.
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  12. GoPhonix

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    yeah the stupid setpoint weight ... I hate this so much very, important to know about that ... to not lose fate in habbit change
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  13. gunslinger215

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    Wow guys, I am actually really humbled and amazed by the great responses here. Thanks for all your support
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    The love in this community always amazes me.
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    How much do you weigh and what is your height?
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  16. gunslinger215

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    I’m 166cm and weigh 75kg
  17. How is it going @gunslinger215 - have you thought more about joining a gym and/or starting working out?:)
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  18. gunslinger215

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    Greetings. I am training regularly on daily basis on an exercise bike I have at home.
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  19. outlander.9

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    Stay clear of fad diets and fad workouts and work on the basics. It's gonna be consistency and not some weird secret that gets you results...I spent a lot of time when I started out trying to find the next best thing, goofing off in the gym trying everything I could every time. Don't worry as much about having "great" gym sessions and going nuts on binge-eating and supplements. The reality is that what you really want is just GOOD workouts several times a week, a decent diet and enough sleep. Consistency will get you places that your one big crazy workout won't.

    Find something and stick to it and keep making improvements along the way. Try and stick with 1 program for at least 6-12 weeks before you try hopping on to another "better" one.

    Oh and If you are gonna do starting strength, it probably goes without saying but ignore that nonsense about drinking a gallon of milk a day. You'll get fat and gross.
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