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    Today I relapsed and after relapse I was putting my thing away to start a new streak. My thing rubbed against my pants in the inside and even though I didn’t get aroused I kind of got worried about it. The other thing that happened was that I was trying to update my counter and I looked up nofap. The websites came up for nofap and also video thumbnails. I saw this girls face and I took a second look for a split second not thinking about it at first. That is the thing right there that especially worried me.

    Do you think I’m overreacting? Am I fine since that has happened and especially since I’m literally 20 minutes into my reboot (and at the time it was 10 minutes)?

    I tend to worry about the little things that may be not necessary to worry about but I’m just wondering so I know for sure. I just don’t want to mess up one thing this time. Let me know what you think, Thanks.
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    Buddy, just focus on the big picture and rest will be take care of. You will get tempted, but focus on each day at a time. Don't be alarmed by your urges or try to judge yourself. At the end, if you do not masturbate and stay away from porn, you won the day. All the best.
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