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Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by JamesD, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. JamesD

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    I have a long history of porn addiction and now impotence. It has adversely affected my relationship with my partner. She has asked that I move in with her. I am scared for many reasons.

    Has anyone else suffered a porn addiction then moved in with their partner?
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    if you like her and If she really likes you i would not be afraid , she will help you get trough this just stay strong my man
  3. You should take steps like this when you are ready and it doesnt seem like you are. Is she aware of your addiction? It could work out well but if youre dealing with your addiction, struggling with PIED and insecurity associated, then your throw her feelings into the mix, moving in with her could cause a plethora of other problems. I say, take your time and handle your porn issues before you throw a woman deeper into the mix.
  4. You’ve GOT to be totally truthful with her. She obviously has strong feelings for you if she wants to live w/you. Number one is you can’t hurt her by being dishonest or not disclosing your porn addiction and impotence problems. You need her support for this to work, so no secrets.

    All the best -
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    If that's what you want to do, you need to be open about everything to them. If they truly care about you they will support you in your recovery. If they frown upon it, they aren't for you man.
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    Hi James,

    What are your fears/apprehensions about moving in with your partner? Is it something you feel ready for, or would some day like to do?

    If you feel that PMO addiction is adversely affecting your relationship, then it's good that you've begun to take steps towards healing.

    Does your partner have any idea about your addiction? If not, do you think she'd be receptive/supportive if she did?
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    Just do it.

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