Advice on how to avoid fantasizing

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Deleted Account, Oct 14, 2020.

  1. Just chilling and sometimes I start fantasizing, it comes on its own and Im rather more frustrated than aroused. Anyway to maybe slow it down or stop completely?
  2. PMOare4SoyBoys

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    I share the same pain as you...
  3. Ywlo

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    Learn meditation (If you have the time, "The Mind Illuminated" is a great book to get started). When you meditate regularly you can learn how to let go of thoughts and feelings, without suppressing them. It was life-changing for me.
  4. alphakadabro

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    Do the opposite of meditation - be physical. Go move around and do something else. Introspecting on addictive thoughts is a bad idea.

    When you feel the fantasies, get up and move around. Do something else and they will go away. Stop focusing on them in your mind. Let them go.

    They are usually triggered by digital screens. When you are on your phone or computer, you are more likely to be triggered. When this happens, put down the device and walk away.
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    It's good that it's frustrating you. May help to get rid of it. I used to count in my head while visualising the numbers till the unwanted thoughts disappeared. Once I got used to doing this, it just got easier to stop it.
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    alphakadabro has the best advice. Sadly I had the same issue and was too bad to be able to actually do some physical activity so I decided to stop trying to do noPMO and I've been just doing noP. It's been working well for me and in just a few weeks I did more progress towards recovery than in the previous few years of failing noPMO.
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    Quit sugary products

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