Advice surviving post-workout horniness?

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    Hello fellow fapstronauts!

    I'd like to inquire if anyone of you have advice on the problem stated in the title. You see I've made some progress with nofap and have masturbated less and less recently, now I'm on day 9 and before this I had two 7day streaks back to back. I've overcome the emotional issues that led me to become a porn addict and I'd say that during the past two months my relapses have been caused by boredom and the forementioned post workout horniness.

    I workout twice a week only, but my philosophy is that I try to workout really hard when I do, to really kill myself. I workout on thursday, which hasn't caused me problems, because I'm really busy and usually fall asleep on my computer while working, but sundays are different. Sunday noon I do a really hard workout and a couple of hours after that I start to feel like a beast, like I could walk through brick walls and also extremely horny.

    I've learned that keeping busy is vital to success with nofap, but sundays for me are free days and I do no business on those days. I uually read in the evening, but I find it difficult to continue reading after 3-4 hours. That's when the trouble starts. It is already late and I have nothing to do and I can't fall asleep. I feel very different on workout days than others, especially on sundays, when I do the hardest workout. I need advice on calming yourself down after this.

    Last sunday I masturbated for about 10 minutes, but only to thoughts of some attractive women I've encounterd recently. That may be considered a relapse, but I was able to get 90-100% erection without a computer screen, something I would absolutly not have been able to do a year ago. I found that very encouraging. the two previous sundays I watched porn and relapsed.

    So what tricks do you have in your sleeves to survive the moment, when you've already read your books and are lying on bed, when it's sleeping time to calm yourself?

    Hope you understand, english is my third language. I Hope to read helpful comments regarding this matter.

    Pulling myself from porn addiction!
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    Some ideas:
    - Cardio after weight lifting.
    - Gentle yoga before sleep (google "bedtime yoga"), followed by lying meditation (shavasana) which you can also do in bed, and it can put you into sleep.
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    Bedtime yoga sounds it might be excaclty what I need. I'll look in to it. Thanks for the tip

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