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    To "Overcome" it, you have to stop fighting it, which is why i encourage meditation.

    Accept what you feel, embrace it, let it be and let it happen. Just dont act impulsively and panic once the thought arises, its just a thought and sensation. The problem is YOU GIVING IT SO MUCH ATTENTION!

    Relax, its ok to feel what you feel in the moment, especially if you are recovering from years of abusing your vessel's reproductive system/organs. You wanna do SR while allowing these thoughts/emotions/sensations to take its course and still keep making good and healthy decisions.

    Its nothing to "Fight/Overcome". Its about you continuing healthy habits whether these thoughts/emotions arise or not, dont make a big deal out of it. Focus on improving your LIFE overall and trust in the healing process.
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  2. -Easy come easy go-
    -Come let go-

    What we resist persists..
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    Agreed i found accepting certain things are much easier than fighting it. Overall improvement of your life is a much easier way to go about it rather than just fighting certain urges
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