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Are old places a cause of relapse or triggers?

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  1. I have been fighting this addiction for at least a year and a half. I have relapsed, done big streaks, but in the end I relapse. However, I think every relapse is an opportunity to learn. For example I have not PMO´d for a month and a half (I did watch little one day but a miracle happened check it out.
    But I cannot say the same for MO. I live in a border so when I have to go to college I live on the other side but on the weekends I come to my hometown with my family. And I have noticed that every Sunday triggers just begin to happening. I start searching for P(Although my Iphone has turned on safe search), I become bored, I literally do nothing in my house just video-games or excessive YouTube, I go to bars or nightclubs to get wasted, in conclusion I noticed this is a pattern that I need to break. Also since I did(Do) all of my sessions on my bedroom and bathroom I just feel huge triggers which are almost impossible to avoid.

    So I need advice jaja, I also feel there is a strong link with my addiction and my phone usage since pretty I almost do everything on my phone so I want to reduce screen time and in case of triggers what do you guys do??. I am also considering goin to a Psychiatrist.

    Thank you:)
    Stay positive, we will beat this.
    I will upload a picture with my streaks so you can see Captura de Pantalla 2020-02-09 a la(s) 23.00.11.png Captura de Pantalla 2020-02-09 a la(s) 23.00.17.png
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    Try to rearrange your room because it will make your brain feel uncomfortable to the new setting and push it out of the comfort zone. Try to spend less time alone when at home and rather spend time in the living room with your parents or siblings maybe.
    The key to NoFap is that its a lifestyle change and not a challenge meaning you have to break your old routine of doing nothing and getting wasted and instead find healthier habits and hobbies to occupy your time and reduce your screen time.
    In my case I was someone who would use my phone immediately after I woke up , spend most my time on my phone and always lock myself in my hostel room and study or browse through the net.
    When i started my streak I rearranged my room , started going to the gym regularly and cleaned up my diet, avoided using my phone for the first 1.5-2 hours after waking up and spent that time doing something productive and instead of studying in my room I started to study in the lobby and with friends which drastically reduced my chances of relapsing.
    I wish you all the best buddy ✌️
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