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Affirmations: How and Why To Use Them

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by SolidStance, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. An affirmation is, by definition, the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed. Speech is powerful. Chances are we create negativity and frustration just by saying something negative every day. We actually use affirmations all the time, we even think them too. We can easily create sadness or defeat just by thinking and saying that it is real and happening in our lives. Its time to change that. We can reverse the training we have been taught, by others and by ourselves and actually uplift our current situation and change the pattern of our day-to-day life by using affirmations that we want and that we believe in.

    Affirmations are powerful because when we speak, we actually create. Science is validating what mystics have been saying for thousands of years: our thoughts and our speech actually help advise the brain on what to see and do next. We can actually re-wire our brain’s synapses connections using thought and speech. The processes of DNA repair and chiasma formation that take place following synapsis have consequences at many levels, from cell actually explains in-depth what the brain is capable of and his colleagues in the field are following suit.

    That’s the why.

    How do we use affirmations. The trick is simple and profound. Think, Visualize, Feel. Think, Visualize, Feel. As we are speaking out this short testimony, we think it, visualize it happening and feel it in our nervous system. Feeling it is a bit abstract, but over time it happens naturally.

    These three steps to successful affirmations are something we do already, isn’t it? When you are pissed off at someone else what does that feel like? Anger is poison coursing through your veins. What are you thinking at that moment? Fighting, cursing them out or physical violence as a type of fantasy. And what then comes out of your mouth? You start to speak out your affirmation of anger, of hate. You’re feeling, thinking and visualizing this new you. And that is powerful. Judgment now gets connected in the brain from what just happened and a pattern has been made. The electrical connections in the brain now follow that route. You see the same person, a reaction automatically occurs. Your affirmation of hate and anger was successful.

    Now turn that around to your advantage. Turn that energy into something that actually benefits you. Use what you already do all the time for good. Good situations and opportunities will present themselves in your life. We can believe it works because we know the above example of anger happens to us all the time. You don’t have to use anger either, think about things you do and say regularly, those are your self-fulfilling prophecies. You’re creating your own circumstance and we create how we react to those and future situations.

    “I am the master of my mind, body and emotions.” That’s my favorite. I feel strength, I see it in my mind and I speak it out. I am the master of my mind, body and emotions. Try it. Say it over and over. I am the master of my mind, body and emotions. See yourself crossing the finish line, lifting that last rep, getting the job, shaking hands with your mentor, resolving all past issues, befriending that person finally, approaching your future loved one. Every day, day in and day out, speak something to yourself that you want. Be creative, be realistic. Think it, feel it, say it. I know you can succeed.

    Take these if you don’t have any:

    My strength, is your strength, is our strength.

    I am working on myself every day. I am an observant, dynamic person. I create my own success.

    I do not over-react emotionally to situations anymore. I am balanced and confident.

    I am organized and scheduled. I make time in the day to plan for the future.

    I am filled with love and pure energy. I live life to the fullest, as the fullest.

    I am trying every day to succeed at my goals. Some days are more productive than others. That is natural. Tomorrow is another chance to do better.
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  2. Slylen

    Slylen Fapstronaut

    I couldn't agree with you more @SolidStance. Affirmations are a time tested way of altering your thoughts to a more positive place. I have been in the middle of restructuring my day to make sure i use my time more effectively and morning affirmations have become part of that. I have a stack of note cards next to my bed that i add to every evening. Each morning i take a moment to look through them and set the tone for the day. You have some rather good affirmations as such im going to have to borrow them!

    This concept was summed up very well in one of my favorite the books so i thought i would mention it to you. "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz speaks about the concept of verbal poison and self- fulfilled prophecy as well. If you have not read it i think you would enjoy it.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this out and i will be watching your posts from this point on!

    Stay Strong,


    Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.

    Napoleon Hill
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  3. Nightcrawler15

    Nightcrawler15 Fapstronaut

    Strength doesn't come from being alone, it comes from knowing that someone's got your back.
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  4. Nightcrawler15

    Nightcrawler15 Fapstronaut

    My favorite.

    You can have ANYTHING you want.
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  5. All my needs will always be met. All my needs will always be met.
  6. SunDrew

    SunDrew Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for this life even with all the ups and downs. I wouldn't trade if for anything if I had the chance. It has made me into who I am today.
  7. J_s3ph

    J_s3ph Fapstronaut

    For the future. For my father, mother, brothers, future kids and wife. For the future, I will not break.
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  8. I walk into my future with every breath taken. There is a part of me that knows darkness and a part of me that knows light. The highest part of me knows them both. I seek the highest good in me.

    Right thought leads to right action. I anticipate resistance and shine bright like the sun.

    People sense my clearness. My goal is to help them sense their own.

    As a leader, I vow to help others bring out their highest self. I take the responsibility given to me by myself. Another day, another chance, another try, another victory, another loss, another experience to learn and gain knowledge. One day that knowledge turns into wisdom. One day begins right now.
  9. Macabre

    Macabre Fapstronaut

    Like irons in a fire, our destiny is carefully shaped and strengthened; Acumen as my tongs, Strength my hammer, Resilience my anvil, and Anger my forge.
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  10. This is really affecting me in a most amazing way. wow.
  11. Kwood2393

    Kwood2393 New Fapstronaut

    I've been saying "I can do all things through my lord and savior" and "it's alright man I choose to be happy " I'm okay I can anything through Him" for over a year now. Occasionally adding a few other affirmations here and there and in doing so my spirit and mental toughness such as being able comprehend things became much easier. The book "the success principles" talks all about how your thoughts change your perspective and your life I recommend it. It has also helped my social life as well. Praying or affirming during conversation is actually very beneficial. Only problem for me is the feeling part because of pmo that kinda numbs me from feeling anything which will get better over time. (And getting of meds that prevent me to feel as well) good luck on your journey and personal development.
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  12. You are spot on Kwood, very well put. Thanks for the well wishes and same to you. Let's make 2016 a clean year.
  13. I try to reaffirm everyday while driving to work and remind myself that: I am not my mind, I am above it, my thoughts are not me, there is a higher consciousness in me that controls everything, even my mind.
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  14. That is good. Think how you can also visualize and feel that. I bet that feels good to say it before work.
  15. Asgardian36

    Asgardian36 Fapstronaut

    Thank u for this post, I've joined the Heirs of the Sun.

    This is my affirmation: "I'm Happy, Confident, Strong, Calm and Self-compassionate, I stay in the present moment, I spend my time wisely and responsible, I love my Life"
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  16. Welcome to the Heirs, the safest place in the web.
  17. Here, I am posting my affirmation again for the forum.


    I will use the internet, the way it benefits me. Every second I use it, I will be aware of what I am seeing or reading. I will not wander the web aimlessly or check my social networks constantly.

    Every actions that I do today, are done only after I approve it. I guard my mind and I decide, what needs to stay and what needs to be pulled out. I am the one who is going to control my mind, its never going to be the other way round.

    I realize that NOW is the moment, I am in my strongest shape. Not my past and not my future. I can’t change what has occurred in the past and I do not know what is going to happen in future. I have the present situation, under my control. I will shape my NOW, to make a better future.

    Every night before sleep, I will make sure that I have become a better person today than who I was the day before.

    “Everyday above the ground is a great day, remember that” ~Pitbull
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