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    I've read about other addictions and with smoking, I've read accounts of persons who have quit after struggling for a while and still experiencing strong temptations, and I've also read accounts of individuals who are able to quit suddenly and not experience temptations. What seems to be the case is that when one sees herself as a nonsmoker, the desire goes away, but if one sees herself as a smoker, then she is fighting the urges to smoke. And I've read about affirmations and that it is better to say "I am a nonsmoker" instead of "I am going to quit smoking" or "I will try to quit smoking," etc.

    With PMO addiction it seems that around 90 days is what is needed for the brain to rewire. Can this time be shortened (or made easier) by thinking/seeing oneself as a non-PMO person? What would be the equivalent affirmation? Or what are your favorite affirmations?
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    I've gone to 60 days several times. I' really trying for over 90 now. I've found some new help.
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    When I am feeling an urge, I'll often tell myself, "this will pass, and I will remain." It tends to keep me centered until the urge passes. Also,I'll think of masturbation not as, "I want to, but I can't." I say, "I can masturbate, but I do not want to." This reminds you of the commitment you've made to yourself to not masturbate. I use these affirmations and they tend to work quite well
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    I like that, 'I can, but I don't want to'. Just watched the Tedx talk on porn addiction. The brain is so fucking cruel. Hearing of other people's success is motivating though ... 'I feel like the next Isaac Newton'.
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    Ahh this is an interesting thread. I look forward to what other people say because I really think self talk can help facing addictions or just in general bring a new perspective when you are feeling the urges.
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    I think this is definitely helpful. Seeing yourself as a recovering addict, or perhaps as a porn-user is not as beneficial as seeing yourself as someone who doesn't watch porn or even masturbate.

    Actions are powerful in their own right, so don't discount what and how your urges may bubble up. Urges don't just come from nowhere- you could experience something socially uncomfortable and suddenly get urges to hide from your own emotional discomfort. The real success comes from sitting with that real-world pain and getting over it slowly and with great patience to see yourself through the whole thing.

    The rewards of doing so are incredibly great, and I think those are the true critical moments of measuring your recovery:

    Once you get past the one month point, what do you do with the urges you get now? Are you just horny, or is there a different aspect to your porn usage?

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