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Afraid of escalation

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Wazzai, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Wazzai

    Wazzai Fapstronaut

    I regained internet connectivity yesterday and got through the day with a minor hindrance.

    Today I was actually on porn sites but closed immediately after realizing what I'm doing.

    It really is disgusting how a person is turned into a chunk of moaning meat in the industry.

    Tomorrow I expect viewing videos for a bit up until I relapse.

    The only logical thing I can think of doing is to remove my access to the internet for awhile(giving my phone to my brother) when entering my room.

    I feel no urges when I'm busy with work where I use Youtube and Pinterest for ideas, methods and designs for various blacksmith projects. Nonetheless I will stay as vigilant as I possibly can be against my thoughts and browser wandering
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  2. Advise going PMO free however you do it. All the best
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  3. NewManV

    NewManV Fapstronaut

    Wazzai, hang in there. We all get the struggle, and congrats on exiting the sites immediately and catching yourself.

    Maybe set hourly reminders to step away form the computer and remind yourself how strong you can be in resisting. Or try to remember how bad you'll feel after viewing the porn after you get your fun out of it. (the remorse and guilt). Or set a little reward for yourself each time you can resist. Take it one day at a time, then a week, and so on. You can do it! We're all in this together.
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