After 10 months of trial and error. I finally made it.

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    Semen retention(SR) is by far the best practice any man should do in order to get his life in order and once you reach just 30 days you will never look back guys. Finally took the red pill.

    I will start by saying that "everywhere where I've been the only thing I see is beautiful people". Any flaw you see in a woman or man is not something to joke about, it is something to remember or reminisce defining their speciality. Lisping, scars, birthmarks, man I also have quite few and I love each and everyone of them. I love myself. If I turned into a ghost and see myself physically, I would hug myself knowing that every little thing is going to be alright.

    The journey is tough guys. Have you seen the salt guys, when you taste it alone it is just bitter and it is the same as the journey of SR. You deal with your urges day in day out. Man it is tough it is filled with so much trial and error it took me like 10 months to reach 30 days. So you can imagine how much pain I felt.

    1. Depression
    2. Low self esteem
    3. Lack of desire of life
    4. Laziness
    5. No motivation/drive in life/nothing excites you
    6. Being undermined by so many individuals who you look up to, who you befriend, who you trust.
    7. Anxiety
    8. ADHD
    9. Brain Fog
    10. Unsatisfied even with your current achievements
    11. Being stepped on by girls and disrespected by them for no reason
    12. Always a suspect at thing for no reason
    13. Feeling bored most of the times
    14. Job skipping or arriving late at work
    15. Always start projects/ ideas and never finish them.
    16. Mood swings

    These are the devils projects filled with deception. Low vibration system made to make you be obedient to fall under the norms and not acknowledging your worthiness or gifts in this world. Nowadays we eat, we talk, we see, we wear the devils work and I bet my salary that more than 90% of the population in this world do not even know about this. Even when you tell them about it. They feel like purity in life is a taboo but yho! I no longer need to smoke cigarettes and weed sometimes, drink alcohol in order to escape the harsh reality. Yeah I'm not perfect in future I might take a glass or 2, probably at times eat some junk food but I do no longer let them overpower me.

    Purity is complex that you need to prove how 1+1 =0. And once you know the answer, man that delayed gratification is the best feeling ever.

    Semen retention really wants you to do self improvement. Eat healthy, exercise(I love weight lifting) and do what you have to do for the day to keep you busy. A man is not build for comfort and discipline is self taught.

    1. Female attraction: I can't count on how many girls have complemented me about my eyes, thinking that I am rich, living the life and so forth, no. These eyes show no shame they are as potent with purity and love, shining like a diamond. It is like providing a blanket to a person during the cold. Even I myself get to admire them everyday. And eyes tells alot about a man's character. These days when I talk to anyone, we maintain eye contact, Whether you are a woman or a man. Women!(God blessing me to find girls with the purest hearts yho! God's children, very gullible, feminine women, I am their biggest "only fans"). Initially as we lock eye contact and maintain it for couple of seconds and then she looks away. Yho! I actually won their hearts without knowing. They even be submissive by availing themselves to me without asking. And once I lock myself to them again they can't control themselves, playing with their hair, lips just to keep their composure, nje causing confusion for no reason. Guys this is so easy while wearing cheap clothes, no possessions but trying my level best to look the best with what I have guys. It is like cheating the man's game. A player if we are in a competition, he has to practice for a year and asks advices from coaches with his low vibration mindset to level up with the embodiment of christ I have in me. God is good guys there is nobody like him. Some shit test are so easy especially when you are truthful and not weak to a sebono or breast. I can go on and on with this guys. I'm just happy I'm getting redpilled each day.

    2. Confidence. Yho guys I used to be a gullible person a beta male( even today I still am but with some chakalaka) nowadays I am relaxed and calm. Bra no longer have brain fog, words flows like the river even women sometimes tend to complement me about it(are they swimming in them, we do not know?) Even when you are dealing with low vibrational people that will try to one up you. Sometimes I would move out or continue speaking as they try to disturb my speech bra they feel my presence. My testosterone is growing like nobody's business, even some of my friends tells me I'm becoming alpha. I know that my body type and height isn't the best and it does not define me. Your body is a vessel guys there is more to life than this. The best thing is knowing your self worth against many who has more money than you. I'm like John Cena, they can't see me when the champ is here.

    3. Skin: guys, I have to confess these days I might even spend 3 minutes more in the mirror for just seeing improvement on my skin being clearer, glowing and even my eyes becomes clearer as well. One thing people do not know is this as females have eggs as a life force, our sperm cells are our life force. Sperm cells contains so much nutrients, you can now Imagine retain your seed bra you age backward. At times I feel like I'm turning 24, especially when I am fasting . Guys by just ejaculating joe, you lose so much blood bra you feel drained after you release. Having sex without the process of procreation if you really think about it does not make any sense and what's sad is that everything in the media is sexualised. resulting in low vibrational individuals.

    4. Loneliness to solitude. This is very important. Guys at my crib I have pc game, movies and series. What I have noticed about them is that they give instant gratification as much as we ourselves watch porn. This process makes you love yourself and God by embracing silence. With silence, brilliance and creativity comes in bra at times I even get amazed by the messages(poems) I send to you guys. There are more ideas to think of guys. God Joe is such a blesser at times I'm not even sure which idea to start with. My relationship is getting better and better by the second. God is good guys.

    5. Motivation does not end.
    6. I could go on and on guys. All I just wanna say is read the Eph 6:10-20 guys as you go through this journey you will see things which are amazing from god. You will notice demons from people's behaviours and angelic behaviors as well. Even your purpose and fate in your dreams and even from your phone or people around you. God is always talking to us. Bula feela mahlo a hao le ditsebe tsa hao. You will see miracles.
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    Good to know your sucess story.
    I m also trying to retain semen but every month i had 2 wet dreams i losing my benifits?
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    What language is this?

    It is always nice to read such improvements. I have also reached 21 days after a whole year. I have to say it is incredibly difficult and I don't know if the benefits are from this practice, but there is definitely good things coming from all kinds of fasting.

    Logically, yes. But you retain the benefit of habit.
  5. Thanks for sharing! 10 months? I have tried for longer and pmo must have a tigher hold on me... but all the more to gain if I overconme it. God bless.
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    Thanks OP. I needed to read this today. And congrats.
  7. well done keep working keep focusing on nofap and build new good habits
    me it is 7 mobths challenging nofap and fighting to P and Urges i have made many +30/40 days streaks all i failed because of wet dream
    but this time i am doing pushups and meditation too also i started trading and i am going out studying and do everything just to reach +90 days
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    Thanks for the comments guys I am actually a south African guy where we actually have like 11 official languages and this one is South Sotho but before you try to learn it I suggest you get yourself a medical aid because some people have lost their tongues, had some memorial services it was tough. The rest guys I suggest you start becoming faithful to the most high guys before God helps those who help themselves. Artificial dopamine is not the best choice to go take.
    To Muzzziii. if you are having wet dreams I thought it is progress from youtubers bra. Keep going fam challenges differ with our journeys just don't give up.

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