After 11 months without P and M

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    Thanks brother. Youtube stopped to be a problem for me maybe 2 months ago.
    Installed Wizmage Image Hider in Chrome browser, which is the main browserI use.

    A short film that helped me too in the past:
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    300 days without P and M. First time in my life:)
    (been addicted to both P & M around 20 years).

    So grateful for this 10 months. Will write in a few days and uptade on the last 30 days.

    Apart from huge help from this forum, plus having great accountability partner I met here, it was only possible because of Him:

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    Day 311.

    A very stressful day, plus conflict with my wife.

    A few months ago after such a situation I would have tried to release the tension with P or M (or edging).

    For around 20 years stress/frustration/irritation/rejection - was my main trigger to escape to destructive world of porn and masturbation. No longer.

    Thanks to the grace of God, accountability partners (one of them, great person I met through this website), accountability software today I have no urges to repeat these distructive habbits from the past.

    One day at a time.

    Praying also for humility and strength for every day.

    "If you think you are standing strong, be careful not to fall." (1 Cor 10:12).

    I need Christ (reading Bible, prayer) every day, His strenght for being clean.
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    11 months of freedom from P & M.

    A few observation from the last 30-60 days:

    - Self discipline is growing, also in other areas, like eating, anger management. Step by step, every month more and more negative behaviours are being eliminated from my life. No secrets, for examle finding it much more difficult to lie to others.

    - Sleeping much better.

    - Having more hope and trust for the future.

    - Getting back more closeness with my wife, something that was missing for a few last years.

    - Deeper spiritual life, praying, reading a Bible differently than before, being more connected and dependant on Jesus, relying on Him and His strenght, rather than own strenghts.

    Still struggling a bit with fear/anxiety but I know that step by step it will be better also with it.

    Key elements for me in recovery so far:
    - growing relationship with God (reading Bible daily - this is fundamental to me, plus praying)
    - having Accountibility Partners (one aslo from this forum)
    - having accountibility software (4 people have constant access to what I see on phone & computer, receive daily or weekly reports)
    - helping others who are addicted to this
    - taking one day at the time, focusing on 24 hours to be clean.

    Onwards friends! :)

    Have a good day. Free from P & M.
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