After 4 years, finally a 90+ day streak!!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by rgm, Oct 16, 2021.

  1. rgm

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    I've been here since 2017, many times quitting, relapsing, giving up hope.
    My first year I did a ~50 streak and I never even ONCE got close to it.
    The frustration was immeasurable every time.
    I've been addicted since I was about 12 years old, I'm now 25.

    What changes helped me get this far:
    • I got a healthier outlook on myself. No more shaming myself every relapse or long session. I just acknowledged that yes this time might've been spend more wisely somewhere else BUT I'm a victim of so many years of conditioning by P. I am trying my best!
    • Realized how much of this was related to how I felt emotionally/physically. Needed to escape? PMO. Felt hurt? PMO. Bored? PMO. Hungover? PMO.
    • Related to the previous one: Feeling more stable meant a more stable diet, more exercise.
    • Get busy! Boredom and browsing the internet is a huge trigger.
    • On that note: USE A BLOCKER. This one helped me immensely. Makes it either impossible to open sites or will give you more steps to access them.
    • I craved attention from girls. I still do somewhat but PMO just made me crave MORE attention but ended up with me getting LESS attention.
    Yes my streak is PM and not PMO. But I feel like the trick when you're with a girl, is to make it healthy, about her, about her pleasure before yours. This way it's not a selfish act with the focus on your O. Plus isn't healthy sex with a girl the goal?

    So I don't feel like I have insane super powers now, but it's been easier to go to the gym, put in the work. Slept a little better, felt a little better. But then again these benefits will probably gradually improve more with time (I mean 13 years healed in 90 days? Probably not).

    The best benefits though:
    • I can now get hard with a girl, it's easier to stay hard.
    • The erections are hard as ROCK, girl I'm with told me the sex is night and day (good before but amazing now). She says it feels totally different.
    • I'm more in the moment during sex.
    • Sex feels SO MUCH BETTER.
    Thank you to everyone here, this community is great and made this possible for me with all the great advice and the amount of helpful stories.
  2. Congrats, man! Perseverance pays off!
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  3. hakihitoro

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    I'm inspired man, I just have to push just a little further to reach that milestone.
    Same as you, no superpower, I'm currently in a severe flatline, but I feel better about myself and when something goes wrong I don't go into emergency PM anymore, and that's very relieving!

    Let's keep pushing together! All the best for the future.
  4. Scion90

    Scion90 Fapstronaut

    Hey brother good to read your journey. Just broke my streak and now here for inspiration to restart
  5. Congratulations. I hope one day I can get hard again too.
  6. Jimmy Gonzalez

    Jimmy Gonzalez Fapstronaut

  7. The goal is not the woman or the freedom from porn. The goal is maximizing all of your potential. Congratulations on 90 days.
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  8. rgm

    rgm Fapstronaut

    Thank you guys I appreciate the reactions. Makes me even stronger to continue this journey.
    And yes the end goal is being the best me I can be and growing, and this was a big part of what still restrained me in life I feel like.
  9. HardWorkOnly

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    Congratulations my friend
  10. UncleBarnacle

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    I am really happy to hear that! I got 90 days this year. I'll get it again. Congrats snd thumbs up to you.

    Just one thing, though - what is "sex?"

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