After 8 long years, I finally went 30 days without PMO.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Deleted Account, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. I've spent the past 8 years of my life PMOing everyday (sometimes twice a day).

    After being rejected from a girl that I thought would be the one, I knew I needed to change my life.

    The past several months were gruesome filled with frustration, depression, and anxiety (not to mention excessive PMO).

    In the end, I came out more confident, more attractive, and I have gone 30 days without PMO.

    I never really believed that I could have done it. I always thought that I was going to give up and fail.

    I can't believe I managed to stop PMO for 30 days. PMO is no longer a part of my life and there is no reason for me to go back to it. I would like to personally thank all my friends/partners @OrangeJuice13 @Deadlihood @shanky kumar @lordram17 for all your support. One of the main reasons I stayed clean was because I didn't want to let you guys down. Thank You for helping me through all this.

    Today, January 25th is a very important day. Once I reach 90 days, I will stop counting.
  2. feo1966

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    It's great that you are doing well. But be careful with overconfidence. There are many examples of people abstaining for a lot longer than 30 days, and then relapsing.

    And oddly enough, it has been shown for addictions that those who are most confident in their abilities to abstain, are the most likely to relapse. It is because they let their guard down.
  3. OrangeJuice13

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    Congrats Don, you've made it a long way. I agree with feo's comment. We can't let our guard down and be naiive that we can't possibly relapse. It can happen in the blink of an eye, and we need to stay focused.
  4. Deadlihood

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    F U C K . Y E A H ! !
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    We all can do this , Congo for this achievement, Now most general tendency of people is to to take nofap lightly and watch P subs ( at least my tendency) .I still remember my 28 th day . I was depressed and horny too . I was just confident too that nothing can bring me down but suddenly an advertisement came on TV that to sexual and my mind again triggered and I relapsed eventually , I would recommend u to avoid TV and YouTube and fFacebook too they are most common source of trigger at this time , even a thumbnail can bring u down
    thank u too for helping me as AP :)
    I am on 17 th day and feeling good just preparing for my 12 th class final year exams :)
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  7. RedPillRebooter

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    Careful now, I went 200 days no porn, and relapsed after seeing a movie with sex scenes in it.

    Just always recognize you can never go back to PMOing. Just like an alcoholic can never have a drink.
  8. Yeah this recovery workshop program I attended gave me the mantra that basically said, [insert addiction] is no longer a part of my lifestyle.
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    Good job and congratulations on your first 30s :) Time to be proud about it and realize it's a solid stepping stone.

    Beware tho : Someone once said that if you're only abstaining (which is already a feat for many of us), you're on the right path, but you'll need to realize that you're just not allowing something that has still roots in you to happen. The real recovery happens when every cell in your body acknowledges that P is something of the past, THUS you don't need to abstain anymore. Just like today I bet you have absolutely no intention of buying a tank of crude oil and drink it. It's just not an option and has zero appeal. None. Whatsoever. Thus not even one iota of your self is dedicated to abstaining from drinking crude oil. ;)

    Until then we're at risk, and must keep some sense of awareness, especially trying to identify what environment/times/condition/situations have the most chance of triggering an urge, and be mindful of the danger when these show up orr could show up.

    All the best to you, you're on the right track, there are bumps ahead, and they will be useful in the long run. Keep it up, and be mindful.
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  10. That was a really insightful post. I will copy this post into my journal online when I get the time. This is what they talked about in that recovery workshop I attended. Thank You.
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    Way cool man congrats!!! I remember thinking if I can get to 30 days I can do this!!! Awesome stuff man!!
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    Great post. Congrats on 30!

    I agree with the other posts abkut having a sense of vigilance. The neuro-pathway toward PMO is like trail in a jungle that is cleared. In stress, you take the trail to find PMO and unhealthy levels of dopamine. One day you realize it's killing you and you stop taking the path.

    As you stop that path and create new trails (new neuro-pathways) to healthy things with healthy levels of dopamine (prayer, good community, good family time and friends, journaling, volunteering, hard work, reading the paper, hobbies, etc...) the old path starts to grow over with weeds and plants and trees.

    Even though the trail eventually looks blocked, you still know that you can clear the path.

    The GREAT news is that the longer you are focused on creating new paths - blazing new trails in your brain, new neuro-pathway (which is what recovery is all about) the less you think about that old path to death and destruction.

    Too many people see this process as just resisting porn. They eventually fail if they are not a spending energy creating new healthy paths. Active engagement in rebuilding your life is key. I am 250 days free from PMO and I have AMAZING new paths, new trails that I have blazed in my brain that are so great that I don't want to cut back the porn trail. But I need to stay actively engaged, conscious of building a new life - trailblazing multiple healthy paths.

    The moment that I kick back and forget to proactively trailblaze is the moment that I will look through the overgrowth of the old path and start clearing it.

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    Great job on achieving a solid milestone.Way to go!
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  14. TheFutureMe

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    Please do :) I'm glad this imagery found a meaning in your endeavors, it surely has in mine
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