After five years battle you need to read this. All we are told is wrong!

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by enjoypeter, Jul 15, 2020.

  1. domasfernandez

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    You tried pelvic floor relaxation exercises or strengthening exercises?
  2. Master Chips

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    What you have shared is really interesting and helpful. I assume that some members here offended the thread because of this statement:

    That scientifically and experimentally by hundreds of reports spoke clearly about ED caused by Porn or even by excessive masturbation for years whether with porn or not. So we can not neglect something for other thing. After all, ED has different causes; anxiety, pornography, prone masturbation and other reasons. what you mentioned in this post is beneficial and could be another technique to accelerate healing the erectile dysfunction regardless the cause.

    Thanks for sharing.
  3. marko2

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    Hey man,

    would you mind to post links or names of exercises from youtube you did to relax pelvic floor?

  4. silverfix

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    Thank you so much enjoypeter, I'm joining this site just to say thank you to you!
    I'm 32 and suffering from ED for 13 years... I'm on Tadalafil 5mg on the needs.. but man, I just want to quit that shit.

    I've the feel that I've a hypertone of the pelvic muscles (stress, ansia) could you please explain better how to achieve to relax the pelvic floor?

    Thank you so much man, I send you a big hug.
  5. enjoypeter

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    The exercises that i do are similar to this
  6. InappropriateUsername

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    Seriously never thought of “relaxing the pelvic floor.” May be some merit—worth a try. As many tools in the box as needed, right?

    Be curious if anyone else tries and sees success.
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    At this point pelvic floor is just a buzzword XD
  8. KHERI

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    @enjoypeter How long u relaxed muscles and how u did this plz explain it ...i am having the same symptoms of Of u
  9. KHERI

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    @enjoypeter how u recover what should i do plz help me
  10. Have you ever wondered why woman at the top helps men last longer than man on top? When you lie on your back and relax your pelvic floor muscles relax. I was taking drugs for sex but now I don’t. I let her be on top and I relax. It works well. I last long in second rounds. If you get rid of PMO stress and avoid porn all these problems vanish.
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    omg i tried this, after 1 week i can finally masturbate standing up. just focus on relaxing ur pelvic floor.
  12. anamonster

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    OK WTF JUST after typing the above comment, I FINALLY HAD SEX. IT WENT IN AND i came in 5 mins! Wtf need to sticky this thread.
  13. greenishmoon

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    one week excercising? Any other success story with guides?

    @enjoypeter yeah but how much time a day? how did you practice?

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