After how many days of no orgasm the libido goes down?

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    After how many days of no orgasm the libido goes down?
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    Graduly over a number of weeks, it will not Be a set number of days , but one day you will notice a calmness in your soul.
    The time scale will be different for everyone.
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  3. Something like 5-8 years. Your concentration by then will far surpass normal people naturally. You will constantly be at your calmest in the morning after waking up with the same mental stability and focus that a tired wanker has when he's full of adrenaline. It's like being a trance, you could think of it like that, but it's just natural physiological health not a trance. Until then you have a bunch of ups and downs. Every now and then the energy pumps you like crazy and it slightly spices up your personality. After that you will find a sort of calm in the storm. No matter how much energy you have you will find much much less changes in personality and control will be beyond words. Magnetism and focus. Sheer power. Such a man is ready to become a soldier for his homeland. He's very capable. (Or a woman...).
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