After How Many Days Of No PMO Do I Start Experiencing A Balanced Energy

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by Winner20, May 20, 2020.

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    Hey guysam two months to being 20 years old, I have been masturbating for the past four years now, I do at times do stop for like two , three days. The highest I do was for 15days. However I want to stop.
    I have been exposed to the idea that masturbation is scientifically harmless and healthy, but looking at the fact, I experienced it is very emotionally and mentally harmful and this science can't measure, right?
    Masturbation left me with the following issues:
    1. A feeling of low energy: There are times when I will experience this for months, that long yes! While on other hand, spending just 4 days without jerking off will get me full again.
    2. Weak Immune System.
    3. Interferes with my studies: I would rather be studying than jerk off, cause after I'm tired and no energy left for studies.
    4. Bad quality of sleep: I don't know how it does affect this but I don't sleep during my masturbation period.
    5. Leads to inefficient time management
    6. I always reprimand myself after
    7. It humiliates my ability of self control. Cause each time I give in it shows me how far I can't control myself and this is humiliating.
    8. Et Cetera
    My goal I to stop masturbation if possible for ever because it brought to me nothing good.
    All help and advice is welcomed.​
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  2. Maybe something like 60-90 days you start to fell better. After 2 years you're fit to go in the army or something. Generally healthy. After 5-8 years you're a boss. You can fight like a spartan even if hungry and not slept for days. Just consider that. It's not about physical conditioned stamina alone but internal stamina. Internal beast beyond the flesh.
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    Thank you for your replies
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    JoJo's fish!? In those 90 day's should I stay with out having sex with my girlfriend
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  5. obviously
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    You renounced on orgasms for 5-8 years? NoFap isn't the only variable for energy. For me, it is like a very powerful springboard to other measures that become much more effective through NoFap. I guess the time depends very much on the individual.
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    Best thing I´ve read in days.

    Jo boss, do whatever you feel like. The topic is very interesting as I am a huge fan of seeing the world through chackras and energy. What would be the colour of your energy if you could describe it black,blue,purple,yellow,orange - are you on fire? The power within bubbels over into tranquility by taking long walks in the sun. Having a good time with friends. Doing something you like. Furthermore should she question not be "how long does it take till energy is conserved" but " how much does it take" to reach the destined reward. Happiness is not desire, but the lack of it.

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