After many 'successes'... this ones for real

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    I think I've finally done it. I think I've finally broken free of the shackles.

    After some pretty bad PIED, I've successfully had sex multiple times with a condom. A year ago, a girl I brought home said 'what the fuck bro you're soft af.' Fast forward to last weekend, and the girl I brought home said 'what the fuck you're huge!!' Talk about a 180

    I've had several streaks before, but this ones different. My advice:

    -GET SEX OFF YOUR MIND. Nofap means allowing your brain to enjoy other things again. The only time you should be thinking about a girl is WHEN YOU'RE WITH A GIRL. Get off facebook. Get off instagram, tinder, bumble, snapchat. Delete all of it. For at least 30 days.

    -With all this free time, force yourself to pick up new hobbies. Trust me, you won't want to do it. You'll think its pointless. You'll give yourself every reason not to read that book, start that project, learn that skill. "its just not me, I'm just not interested in that." WRONG. You can be interested in anything you choose, and right now your brain is choosing porn! FIX THAT! I promise you, these activities will become fun. A month ago I had to force myself to read every night. Now I can't wait to get home and pick up where I left off.

    - Make a daily routine and stick to it for at least 30 days. Mine was something like this:
    -Wake up and take a nice relaxing shower, massaging my scalp and face and body (NOT MY DICK) and feeling alive
    - Stretch and foam roll
    - Work my ass off at work
    - Gym
    - Play chess
    - Read
    - Sleep
    Brothers, at first, it will suck. You will feel like its hopeless, like theres no way out. You just have to keep pushing and stick with it. And tell yourself this: almost each day will be better than the last. Sure, you will have the occasional bad day. But it is temporary.
    Paradise awaits you my friend. You have to be strong and take the leap. You have to work for it. You stumbled into this hole, and now you must climb out. I know you can do it. And I need you to believe it too.

    - Read Mind over Medicine by Lissa Rankin. It will change your world for the infinitely better. Trust me.

    Don't let anyone convince you that the benefits aren't real. They 100% are. I"m not going to list all of them because I have basically experienced all of the most common ones that everyone claims. The mind-body connection is real. When your mind is in a constant stressed, agitated, depressed state, everything will suck. Porn is an artificial stimulus. It is a drug. It is impossible for you to be an optimal state while sacrificing your life force to this demon.

    Free yourself. Love your body, love your mind, love yourself, and you will reap the rewards.

    Feel free to ask any questions, Im here to help
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    Great! Congrats! Keep going
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    Just Uninstalled FB
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  5. @GoldenGod15 did u had any flatline? How did u stick to routine during flatline
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    Inspired. My highest streak was 38 days.. I'm back with all forces.
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    Hi , could you tell us about your successful story please? what happened to you after 1 month? for example
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    Good success Story! Godspeed!!!
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    I laughed so bad when I read 'not my dick'.
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