After PMO binges I feel like I'm wearing a hat when I'm not

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by learning, Nov 14, 2020.

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    agreeed its prob more than 1 chemical because so often after heavy fap session my health is worsen, body is soweak like our immune sytem so weak that i easily got sick
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    Thanks, I want to take a look at that video. The marathon 6 hour edging sessions have become so common that I kind of forget how bad they are. They have improved a little though. They used to average 12 hours. That's some improvement.
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    @learning I'm glad that you have seen progress but 6 hours is still almost a workday for many people. In 6 hours a day you could learn a language, become really good at a sport, start a new hobby, start a business or do just about anything. I'm not trying to be a jerk I'm just trying to shake you awake a little. I don't know you but I still care about you as we have something in common - we are addicted to porn. You have to fix this. This site is great but it cant change your life, only you can.

    You said, "I want to take a look at that video" implying that you haven't had time to watch it yet. That video is 6 minutes long. If you have time to edge for 6 hours you have time to watch a 6-minute video on why you shouldn't. What do you want your legacy to be? If you want your legacy to be watching porn then don't take action and keep half-heartedly posting to this site. If you want to change and lead a fulfilling life please take action and seek professional help. Therapy changed my life and two of my friends' lives whom I convinced to get help. I hope that this post does not upset you and inspires you to reach out to a professional.

    It can be hard to find a good fit but just start by calling LSWs in your area and try a couple. Tell them about your problem and pick one that is a good match for you. THIS IS YOUR LIFE. YOU ONLY GET ONE!!!!
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    Thanks, yeah. Just to clarify, I don't PMO every day for 6 hours. Usually I look at porn 2 hours in the mornings before work, and then once or at most twice a week it becomes 6 hours and often results in an ejaculation. That is another area of improvement by the way. In the past, I edged to porn 12 hours and never ejaculated. I simply edged until I was too exhausted to keep my eyes open or some commitment came up to finally help me break free from the trap. Now I seem to be able to ejaculate about 50% of the time after 6 hours, and that returns me to sanity and allows me to stop. It also usually gives me a couple of days when I don't feel like looking at porn in the morning.

    The only trouble with ejaculating is that I seem to have POIS ("post orgasmic illness syndrome"). I often feel hungover for 24 hours afterwards. But I am finding ways to reduce the hangover.

    Anyway, I just finished a 6 hour PMO that finally ended in an ejaculation. I am glad that is over with, so I can hopefully accomplish something with what remains of the day. It depends how bad the hangover is.
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    I just watched the video. Very interesting, and it made me wonder about the similarity in symptoms between withdrawal and what I have been calling the "ejaculation hangover". I suppose the period after ejaculation is a time of reduced dopamine just as abstinence from edging can be a time of reduced dopamine, and both might have similar symptoms. However, I have had these ejaculation hangovers from as soon as I began fapping in my early 20s. (I am 55 now.) In those early days I found that more than three ejaculations per week caused a porn hangover. Now single ejaculation per week causes the hangover.

    Also, I was thinking about the neurotransmitters. I had a urine test of my neurotransmitter earlier this year. I had abstained from porn and the supplements I normally take for a week prior to the test. I felt bad all week, but the neurotransmitters that were the most screwed up were glutamate, GABA, PEA, and tyramine. They were all extremely low. Dopamine and serotonin were just slightly lower than the optimal range, so they weren't too bad comparatively.

    It's all confusing.

    Another thing I notice about edging is hyperosmia (increased sensitivity to smells). The tiniest hint of perfume is overpowering and makes me extremely annoyed. Like if a person wearing perfume or deodorant touched a paper 24 hours earlier, I can still smell the perfume the following day and it irritates me greatly. I have told the people who work with me in the office that they cannot wear perfume or cologne, but there are fragrances on everything nowadays. Sometimes the checker at the grocery store will have some fragrance on his/her hands, and I feel sick from the plastic bags when I get home. Very extreme and aggravating problem.

    A second problem is shakiness. I have tremors in my hands after edging, but that usually goes away in an hour. It's like having Parkinson's or something.

    Just random rambling. No real point I guess.

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