(After reboot) limiting ejaculations when in relationship?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by takethecharge, Sep 13, 2014.

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    As we all know, abstaining from PMO and fapping in general leads to having more energy, drive to get shit done, clearer mind and more focus.

    Let's say I go on 60 days of NoFap and no O, ditching the porn for good at the same time and deciding to (almost) never orgasm from other means than actual sex. During that time I become way more sharp, focused and hard-working.

    After those 60 days I hook up with my partner (let's say we move in together) and we enjoy epic sex every night and morning, but then there's the need to go about my business in a determined, ruthless manner, a need to be aggressive and have that drive to go out and make everything happen.
    What I reckon is that frequent sex with ejaculation is going to turn me into a mellow guy with way less drive compared to what I'd be if I, say, ejaculated once a week.

    There is even this book called "Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy" which I hadn't read yet:


    I remember that in this book there is something among the lines of "semen is like a man's precious nectar and any spillage will cause an energy drain".

    There's also this truth:

    Now obviously climaxing with your partner leaves a whole different feeling than just giving yourself that dopamine shot through fapping, right?
    But it still makes you mellow, comfortable, peaceful, hedonistic. On the other hand I can recall that I had this "I can move the mountains" feeling after sex.

    So what's a mans to do? Have sex without ejaculation at least for days at a time? What about blue balls and frustration?

    Keep in mind that I'm seeking advice for young guys in their 20's who want to get their hustle on, build a business or a career, go out there and network etc. It's going to be a much different situation for someone older who is settled and/or has a family.

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    if you do tantra properly you can have sex without O and no blue balls either.
    Not that I know how, but its possible.

    There is also a saying that whatever you give a woman you get back multiplied by a thousand. So if you give her your sperm you will get that precious energy back in a different way. (other than having a child).

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