after researching these symptoms, i finally found something..

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  1. symptoms i couldn’t find online that other people have that go in this order (well atleast burning/pain when urinating) and lower back pain, groin pain, anal pain, ect. seems like alot of people complain here about just lack of energy or ED which i cannot even believe someone can get ED by just masturbating...

    but anywho, the answer i been looking for in this video of a woman that actually knows what she’s talking about instead of these other clueless doctors that don’t know whats really going on and goes into depth about it. sadly though the woman is just trying to get people to buy the program just for some secrets (which basically cost a arm and a leg) but glad to see someone educating the general public about these issues. if anyone else has these symptoms and went to a urologist with no luck, here you go.

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    This person's a moron. At 2x speed she still talks too slow and reveals too little information. If you want the answer I can provide it for free. Blue balls or any pain in that region is caused by the brain in order to trick you to get a fix. Quit porn and in time your brain will lose it's ability to inflict pain on you like that. If you don't think the brain can do that read about psychosomatic issues.
  3. um, i don’t have any problem with porn, just masturbating. i’ll view porn just once in a blue moon and thats it i can quit it anytime, masturbating i can’t. pretty sure porn wouldn’t even do that to your balls.
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    It's best to first assume the obvious, at least to rule it out so at the moment that seems to be that you are an addict in denial. Me and many others have had blue balls because of either trying to quit porn or even by watching porn but not finding something exciting enough to orgasm to.
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    Don't search your pain on internet, it always say that you are goind to die in two to become hypocondriac in 2 minutes ..
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    I dont think my brain can force me into Blue Balls, the problem that could cause it for me, is trying to fap and hold in the sperm.

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