Against laziness-PMO-low_energy combo

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by wontwatchpornanymore, Nov 20, 2020.

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    Hello there,

    I just wanted to share something to someone somewhere. I've been really busy taking care of myself, although I relapsed today. I just finished paying my school loan today (Great news !!!) and this week I've been taking care of papers and administrative stuff. I have a huge backlog to deal with: Social Security did not have my account number, I have to declare my changing of address, I have to pay my taxes, etc...

    By the way, I did not pay my taxes in time early this year and now I will have to pay a fine. Truth is, I've been in a mental fog and I think PMO contributed to that. It is not just PM, but a state of mind: having low energy and masturbating and not advancing in life, all of these come in the same pack and If we want to stop PMO, really what we have to do is to become proactive and courageous and to share with the people in the same situation as us and the ones that love us.

    I am usually lazy and I do not write here, but today I said: do it man, give you a little chance.

    Just wanted to share, even if it is to no one, that I am struggling like you, too, here.

    Let's go for a new week of No PM.
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