Age 25 ED, stress, depression, headaches.

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  1. xantep

    xantep New Fapstronaut

    Hello I'm from Argentina I'm 25 my main languaje is spanish so.. sorry about how I write.

    Not in the mood for great writing so I'll write my problems with porn in lines.

    Hooked with PMO since age of 13
    ED show up at age of 19-20
    develop great nervousness in front of girls (nausea, vomiting)
    constant stress for that, personality, self confident destroyed 20 to 22
    depression 23
    and for last chronic tension migraine 24-25

    all very nice and pretty jaj
    no seriusly it's been fucking hard but now I know why and thats a big deal.

    I was making good progress when the video of Gary came a cross
    and that was like ooooooh shit! thats fucking why!! thinking in my ED (the main reason)
    I started NoFap
    first 2 weeks horny like crazy
    an then 1 month of super flatline 0 libido etc

    Then with better mood and less migraine and with more information about it I talked to my terapist about my scalated in porn to transexual porn.

    From there it's been fucking horrible with the confusion of my sexuality
    I'd never been questioning about it but about a month ago it's been like that, pure shit.
    Relapsing came a cross, starting testing myself with gay porn, offcorse not like it and feeling uncomfortable, but then go to watch some hetero porn with some beautiful girl that after two months of successful nofap works like crazy and you are feeling good becouse you not gay but... relapsing atlast and then feeling bad for all the work gone in the drane.Scumbag brain.

    After some weeks relapsing and learning about them that stage is passing by
    and I'm here to start again but with some back up.
    Now I'm willing to treat my migraine with some medicine to calm my anxiety
    becouse with these headaches it's olmost impossible to have a social life and
    being in a good mood etc.

    well thats it
    keep fighting
  2. Dogwood

    Dogwood Fapstronaut

    Did your therapist tell you to "explore your sexuality?" Is that what started you into the testing and relapse? A lot of therapists only know what they learned in school before highspeed porn came along. What they learned is flat out wrong for most young guys who started out on internet porn.

    Watch this. And think about showing it to your therapist. Science is finally, slowly catching up with the reality you guys are dealing with. See

    Good luck.
  3. xantep

    xantep New Fapstronaut

    Hello dogwood, no, I think I felt into a kind of OCD but that is vanishing, now with only one week of no PMO I'm starting feeling that real and healthy attraction for women again and feels good.
    I guess that two months of no PMO that I did before the OCd and relapsing came along work for something.
    Now I have to keep rebooting and fix my migraine in order to have a good social life.
    The migraine is triggered by the anxiety.
    What do you think about goin to a psychiatrist and work the anxiety with medicine?
    I been goin to neurologists but... I dont now, they seem to be trained for other things.
  4. yoski89

    yoski89 Fapstronaut

    I can understand your struggle with porn and I can relate to a lot of what you are saying. I also experienced issues with my sexual identity and began thinking that I was gay, when in fact I wasnt. The reason for this is because porn has been brainwashing our minds. Just think about it for for a second, when you watch hetrosexual porn you are still watching a naked member of the your same sex for an extensive period of time and whether you realize it or not you are developing an attraction subconsciecously. Studies have shown that men who watch porn have more tolerance towards gays alike and may also have gay tendencies.

    Just all the more resons for you to quit this nasty habit, porn has numerous adverse effects on the mind. good luck on your journey bro.

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