Alcohol and relapsing

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by andrespinto67, Sep 1, 2019.

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    Hey Guys!

    I am new to this website and I have been failing recently as a consequence of going out for some drinks. I have picked up a pattern where I watch porn when I come back from a night out of drinking. I was wondering if any of you guys have had similar experiences? And any thought you have on the matter
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    Best thing to do is just not drink, i dont drink and never have and never will and it will probably be one of the best decisions ill ever make.
  3. All the time. I don’t think I’ve ever made a good decision while drinking...
  4. Mithras

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    Just drink enough to not be drunk if you have to drink. Every time I've been drinking too much ended in a relapse...feeling like shit the day after hangover + low energy.
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  5. scarecrow1

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    You are very vulnerable to relapse after taking drink. Drinking is part of our culture and we use it to meet women in social situations so I am not going to tell you not to drink.

    Limit your access to your computer through complicated codes or whatever when you arrive back from the pub or nightclub
  6. Porn and alcohol go hand in hand which is why I don't really bother with either. I drink only occasionally with my partner and almost never through a late night drinking session. Either way, if you notice that in your case they are closely linked then I would limit both of them.
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  7. canary

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    I just joined today. I thought I was the only one. Whenever i drink and i come back home. I always musterbate. You are not alone pal.
  8. canary

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    I can also see we share the same age. This is encouraging that I'm not the only one
  9. letter

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    My Journal
    Alcohol is famous for lowering inhibitions.

    It's an obvious thing to abstain from if you are struggling in your reboot.
  10. Absolutely! Have you heard of the dopamine cycle in your brain? It is commonly called the pleasure drug, because it gives you and up when you drink. Well I copied a few of its other symptoms and effects for you from a medical mag online. Basically, you come home and want to PMO because dopamine is driving your behavior and you "want another drink" to feel high again. Have a look at some of its effects. Anything you recognize? :
    • muscle cramps, spasms, or tremors
    • aches and pains
    • stiffness in the muscles
    • loss of balance
    • constipation
    • difficulty eating and swallowing
    • weight loss or weight gain
    • gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
    • frequent pneumonia
    • trouble sleeping or disturbed sleep
    • low energy
    • an inability to focus
    • moving or speaking more slowly than usual
    • feeling fatigued
    • feeling demotivated
    • feeling inexplicably sad or tearful
    • mood swings
    • feeling hopeless
    • having low self-esteem
    • feeling guilt-ridden
    • feeling anxious
    • suicidal thoughts or thoughts of self-harm
    • low sex drive
    • hallucinations
    • delusions
    • lack of insight or self-awareness
    • So, now you know ... try not to break your count when you enjoy a drink.
  11. Me, neither.
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  12. scarecrow1

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    Really? I have approached beautiful women I never would have if sober.

    I actually made out with one in the street one Saturday night

    Definitely don’t regret that!

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